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Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy - KOTRA Open the Nation's First 3D & VR Smart Home Cyber Exhibition

Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy - KOTRA Open the Nation's First 3D & VR Smart Home Cyber Exhibition

SEOUL, South Korea, March 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition, which presents solutions and home appliances from small and medium-sized companies in Korea related to smart homes, is officially opening on February 17, 2021. In consideration of the current situation in which it is difficult to participate in offline exhibition halls due to COVID-19, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy has opened the 3D & VR premium K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition, where people can experience smart home solutions and smart appliances.

K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition
K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition

The K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition allows buyers to purchase products anytime and anywhere through the cyber exhibition, which is available 24/7, while complementing the disadvantages of offline exhibitions, which are limited to specified open hours. In addition, it is implemented based on 3D & VR technology so that people can have immersive experiences for various products related to smart homes in Korea.

The K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition consists of a total of five categories, including Smart Appliances, Smart Interior & Furniture, Home Control, Home Security, and Energy Management. The Service Experience Zone is designed as an actual house, consisting of a bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, and a garden so that people can easily learn the location and function of each product. The Service Experience Zone is also expected to overcome the limitations of online sales by changing modes (Homecoming Mode, Sleep Mode, Outing Mode, Security Mode, and Other Products).

The K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition puts a lot of importance in the goal of focusing on real business performance, not just on introducing the companies and products. It is pushing through with global promotion in connection with 129 foreign trade centers operated by KOTRA, and will also conduct search for overseas buyers, SNS promotion, and marketing activities. In mid-March, it will hold a video consultation meeting linking Vietnamese buyers and Korean companies. Vietnam, where information technology (IT) infrastructure is expanding in all areas, has emerged as the largest market for smart home and smart home industries in Korea. It will be conducted by matching business consultations between 35 Korean companies that have signed contracts with local agents and Vietnamese companies.

Currently, 53 companies are participating in the K-SmartHome Virtual Exhibition and up to 100 companies will participate by the end of 2021. The major participating companies are as follows. Ohsung Electronics (Open & Close Door Sensor), CVT Electronics (Smart Home Face Recognition Door Phone), CG Lighting (ColoRex Downlight), Puresys (Air Purifier Sterilizer), EOC (Dual Thermal IP Camera), Mercury (Wi-Fi Router), Emons (Smart Motion Bed), Elssen (IoT Smart Thermo-hygrometer)

The online exhibition will be open until the end of 2021, so anyone may visit at any time using their PCs or mobile devices.

Period: November 2020 ~ December 2021

Location: Online


Major Items: Appliances, Lights/Furniture/Interior, Home Control, Home Security, Energy, and Smart Home Accessories


Major Items

Smart Appliance

Large home appliances: TV, Refrigerator, Washer, Air conditioner, etc.

Home appliances: Air purifier, Robot vacuum, Ventilation system, Pet
care, Healthcare machine, etc.

Smart Interior&


Smart heater, Smart light, Smart mirror, Smart desk, Smart bed, Electric
curtains, Smart accessories, etc.

Home Control

Wallpad/Homepad, AI speaker, Home gateway/Home IoT hub,

Parking control, Unmanned locker, Light switch, Sensors, etc.

Home Security

Home viewer, Home security camera, Electronic lock/Smart doorbell,
Security robot, Unmanned security system, Smart safety service, gas
sensor, Biometric device, Sensors, etc.

Energy management

Remote meter reading, Meter, Smart meter, Smart plug/socket, Standby
power cut-off, etc.

Features of the K-Smart Home Virtual Exhibition :

1) Live Help is available via video conference or live chat to provide smooth consultation between sellers and buyers

2) When people have an inquiry about a product, they may send a direct inquiry to the corporate representative

3) Purchasing and delivering samples are available through the link between the exhibition and the buyKOREA site

  • buyKorea is an e-market place specialized in supporting small and medium-sized companies to export their products overseas. It also offers a matching service and an online, one-stop service handling the entire process and providing necessary functions for the entirety of the export sites in Korea.

4) The PC and mobile versions are also offered in English, so foreigners can easily access them anytime and anywhere

Provides 3D & VR services that allow people to explore the exhibition from an official space similar to an overseas residential environment and check the related product list.

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