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MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023: MMA Global's Marketing and Technology Exhibition and Conference - Unfolding for the First Time

MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023: MMA Global's Marketing and Technology Exhibition and Conference - Unfolding for the First Time

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Sept. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 is MMA Global's first marketing technology expo and conference in Vietnam. Following the success of MMA Innovate USA and LATAM, the event will be held on September 29, 2023. This is an excellent chance for marketers and technology aficionados to network, study, and obtain an understanding of the most recent marketing technology solutions on the market.

The event focuses on tailored experiences, connecting people, and investigating the newest marketing technology solutions to stay ahead of the current marketing market's future trends. It also allows enterprises in the APAC area to seek investment possibilities with the goal of growing their operations in Vietnam.

Attendees at the MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 event will have a first-rate experience
Attendees at the MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 event will have a first-rate experience

Attendees at MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 will get access to high-end experiences.
Over 2,000 people will attend the event, including marketers, agencies, media sellers, and technology and solution suppliers. Over 40% of the guests will be C-level executives from significant brands, enterprises, and global organizations, with the other 60% representing SMEs and startups. Leading organizations from a variety of sectors, including CocaCola, Google, Heineken, TikTok, and Unilever, will also take part in the event. Furthermore, MMA Innovate Vietnam will include over 30 exhibitors, including prominent Martech, AdTech, and Fintech firms such as AnyMind Group, Digital Turbine, Kantar, MGID, Momo, Samsung, DGV, Golden Communication, Dentsu, GroupM, and more than 30 partners.

MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 will include almost 50 renowned speakers.
Over 50 experienced speakers from prominent organizations, including Google, TikTok, Unilever, C.A.O Jewelry, Ariston, Casper, Masan Group, Nagakawa, PNJ, SABECO, and Vinfast, will attend MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023. Attendees will be able to hear and debate relevant subjects connected to the most recent marketing technology advances. The conference will be separated into two rooms, each with a distinct theme, and visitors will be able to select which room to attend.

  • Room 1: Reimagining and Empowering Thought Leadership
    With a variety of topics ranging from Business Growth Strategies for Global Business to Marketing for Business Growth: How to be forward-looking, future-proofed, and outcome-focused, along with a discussion session on Unleashing the Power of AI – Driving Growth Through Experimentation, the speakers will provide in-depth insights into the transformation strategies in the current marketing field as well as the application methods suitable for each business.
  • Room 2: Growth Engine and Unlocking Performance
    With the main theme revolving around digital transformation and e-commerce, as evidenced by the discussion sessions on Exploring Investment Avenues: Navigating the Financial Landscape, Culture as Competitive (Dis)Advantage, Engagement & Conversion Optimization: How to turn more visitors into customers and more, the speakers will delve into analyzing and finding effective marketing trends for businesses in the digital transformation era. In order to achieve success for businesses, specifically maximizing profits while increasing sales, businesses need to combine effective marketing strategies and apply breakthrough growth techniques (Growth Hacking).

MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023: Delivering Unprecedented Premium and Exciting Experiences

MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 will be a must-attend event that will provide really premium and one-of-a-kind experiences:

Exciting adventures: Attendees will have the opportunity to win surprise gifts at the booths, as well as visit exhibition booths from leading technology and advertising companies in the Vietnam and APAC regions.

Super-connectivity: In addition to the discussion sessions, MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 provides a chance to grow your network and discover possible commercial prospects. Senior executives and VIP visitors will socialize at the C-suite Lounge, a beautiful and exclusive meeting area, as well as during the event's special networking evening, Social Fusion.

Discovering technological solutions: In addition to hearing from renowned professionals, guests will have unique access to a variety of relevant material collated from different exhibitors, such as the most recent studies and research on technology solutions used in marketing. A large collection of information will be produced and shared with over 2,000 guests, including all presentations from speakers and reports from exhibiting partners.

MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023, held for the first time in Vietnam by MMA Global, is projected to be a "quake" for the marketing community. The MMA Innovate Vietnam 2023 event provides a trustworthy connection for companies to better understand the impact of technology and future trends in the use of technology in marketing and commerce. Many organizations are sponsoring the event, including Vecom, VNPR, VAA, and VDCA, as well as additional media, gifts, and other support partners.

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