Mobikor provides webtoon service for Vietnamese workers in Korea

  • Overseas remittance service application, 'PayOne,' is linked to Vietnam's first webtoon platform 'Vinatoon'
  • Mobikor plans to expand the webtoon market for the Vietnamese citizens in cooperation with the best companies in various areas

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobikor ( co-CEOs Kim Joong-hwan and Lee Jin-woo), Vietnam's first webtoon service provider, announced that it would join hands with Payone ( CEO Lee Dae-hyeong), digital financial transaction solution development and service company, to provide webtoon service for Vietnamese workers living in Korea.

Mobikor introduced Vinatoon (, the first webtoon service in Vietnam last April, attracting the attention of the cartoon/webtoon industry in Korea and Vietnam.

The company is servicing excellent webtoons of Korea in Vietnam, and making efforts to expand webtoons for Vietnamese citizens in cooperation with several partners in Vietnam.

Payone is a company that provides financial and mobile services for workers living in Korea, e.g. overseas mobile business and payment business, including overseas remittance service and overseas cell phone charging service for foreigners living in Korea.

Payone entered into an agreement with BIDV Bank of Vietnam in 2008, and entered into an MOU with the Center for Overseas Workers of the Vietnamese Ministry of Labor, and introduced 'PayOne,' a remittance smartphone app for foreigners, in 2016, which is now used by many Vietnamese workers and families in Korea.

The two companies are planning to implement a link to 'Vinatoon,' Vietnam's first webtoon service, in the 'PayOne' app, and carry out joint marketing. This service will allow Vietnamese workers living in Korea to conveniently enjoy high-level Korean webtoons that are translated and edited in Vietnamese, and use the fee-based webtoon payment service in Korea.

"About 187,000 Vietnamese citizens, including workers, are staying in Korea as of 2018, second to Chinese among foreigners in Korea," said Kim Joong-hwan, CEO of Mobikor. "We expect that it will be a good present for the Vietnamese citizens in Korea who want to enjoy Korean webtoons, and we will cooperate with various Vietnamese companies to expand the webtoon market in Vietnam."

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