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Mongolia Unveils Anti-Corruption Strategy

Mongolia Unveils Anti-Corruption Strategy

2030 national strategy outlines 45 objectives and 224 anti-corruption activities

ULAAN BAATAR, Mongolia, April 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mongolian Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) or 'Anti Corruption Agency' unveiled a comprehensive 2030 national strategy to combat corruption across all facets of Mongolian public life. The strategy was formally submitted to the State Ikh Khural and will be considered shortly by the Parliament's Standing Committee. 

His Excellency K.H.Nyambaatar, Minister of Justice and Home Affairs commented: "History has been made today. The government welcomes this comprehensive strategy which complements the steps we are already taking in this, the 'Year of Fighting Corruption' previously announced by the government."

"At a time when global trust in governments is low, we know there is work to do to gain and maintain the trust of our people. That's why we're committed to working with the IAAC on the implementation of the strategy through to 2030," said Nyambaatar. 

The strategy's objectives include strengthening a corruption-free public service; effective participation of citizens, civil society and media; the independence of state institutions; reducing the risk of corruption in budgeting and procurement; and tackling theft, embezzlement, and waste. 

The IAAC undertook recommendations from international financial institutions and development organisations as well as adapting more than 40 laws, including the Criminal Law, the Anti-Corruption Law, the Law on the Regulation of Public and Private Interests in Public Service, and the Prevention of Conflict of Interest. 

The national strategy complements the government's previously announced "Tavan-sh" anti-corruption initiative focusing on 5 key programme areas: whistleblowing, removal of corrupt public officials; extradition and repatriation of those under indictment; asset recovery; and transparency. The government has also recently submitted three laws for the protection of whistleblowers, campaign finance reform, and the transparency of state-owned companies. 

"The strategy is an ambitious undertaking and is aimed at preventing the risk of corruption in public institutions, officials, private sector, civil society, political parties and groups. Together, we will work with the government to work towards a more transparent, open and responsible society," said Dashdavaa Zandraa, Director General of the Mongolian Anti-Corruption Agency. 

"We are making significant progress in our anti-corruption efforts, but there is more to do. This strategy gives us a clear pathway to continue and enhance our anti-corruption measures, and confirms we are on the right track to building a society of trust and confidence in government and in our country," said the Mongolian Minister of Justice.

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