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The global health crisis of the last 18 months has brought many new pressures to bear on individuals and couples alike. In light of this, an Eatontown, NJ-based mental health clinic (732-724-1234) announces an expansion of its relationship counseling services.

Positive Reset’s latest launch offers professional help to couples facing the threat of separation, healing divisions and encouraging meaningful communication. The company is committed to supporting partnerships through difficult times, helping them to find common ground and rekindle affection in an effort to avoid the stress and heartache of divorce.

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The announcement details a range of therapeutic approaches and advice for people from all walks of life regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Positive Reset provides expertise in managing the effects of financial problems, infidelity, abuse, and the pressures of co-parenting in the present day.

Research conducted by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reveals that couples who have sought counseling report high levels of satisfaction with the process. 97% of respondents said that they were able to access the help they needed with a similar percentage reporting that they acquired valuable tools that helped to save relationships that may otherwise have broken down.

There are almost infinite factors at play as relationships and marriages break down. Positive Reset therapists provide counseling expertise for those attempting to deal with anger issues, poor communication, sexual difficulties, and alcohol or drug abuse. Sessions are conducted in adherence to the counseling code of ethics, assuring all clients of confidentiality, non-judgment, and empathy regardless of their presenting issues.

Couples counseling from Positive Reset helps clients gain a new level of self-awareness of both themselves and their partner, allowing new perspectives on behavioral and emotional patterns within the relationship. By encouraging shared responsibility for problems, the team of highly-skilled counselors enables couples to find common ground and renew their commitment to one another.

About Positive Reset Eatontown

The organization is certified by Medicare, licensed by the state of New Jersey, and accredited by the Joint Commission. The treatment team is made up of licensed professional counselors, board-certified psychiatrists, registered nurses, physicians, clinical social workers, and addiction therapists. The center supports both in-patient and outpatient care programs.

A spokesperson says, “Couples must decide they need help together to commit to the time and effort it takes to make things better. Many couples see a vast improvement from attending counseling but it takes honesty, compromise, and dedication.”

With its latest service update, Positive Reset continues its commitment to helping struggling couples throughout Monmouth and Ocean County, NJ.

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