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Monolithic Power Systems Launches MPSafe Portfolio of Safety-Oriented Automotive-Qualified Products

Monolithic Power Systems Launches MPSafe Portfolio of Safety-Oriented Automotive-Qualified Products GlobeNewswire May 25, 2022

KIRKLAND, Wash., May 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) (Nasdaq: MPWR), a global company that provides high-performance, semiconductor-based power electronics solutions, today announced the launch of its automotive MPSafe™ portfolio of safety-oriented automotive-qualified products developed in accordance with the ISO26262 Functional Safety Product Development Process. The ISO26262 international standard has become a core requirement to address the risks of failure in electrical and electronic systems as the automotive industry pursues increasingly autonomous, connected, and electrified cars.

The MPSafe™ product development process ensures that applicable automotive products are able to help customers meet various Automotive Safety Integrity Level, or ASIL, requirements. The ISO26262 standard identifies four ASIL ratings, ranging from A to D. ASIL A represents the lowest degree of automotive hazard (ex. for brake lights), while ASIL D represents the highest degree of automotive hazard (ex. for autonomous drive compute). As electronic systems in vehicles become more sophisticated and critically or solely relied on to provide oversight and control, it is necessary that they are developed with the highest degree of rigor.

MPS’s new line of MPSafe™ automotive-grade products has been developed using a process that follows the guidelines stipulated by the ISO26262 standard and is suitable for up to ASIL D. Thanks in part to close collaboration with many of the leading luminaries in the automotive industry, MPS will offer a comprehensive suite of MPSafe™ products offering incredible power, sophisticated oversight, and precision system control. Examples of solutions now sampling include the MPQ79500FS MPSafe™ 6-Channel Voltage Monitor, MPQ79700FS MPSafe™ 12-Channel System Sequencer, and MPQ70240FS MPSafe™ Multi-Channel Camera PMIC.

MPSafe™ products are engineered with a system-oriented approach to consider not only how a device itself may handle various safety cases, but how the system can be better engineered to achieve its safety goals. The result for customers: better safety coverage, more thorough documentation, pre-approved third-party safety analysis, and a cost- and schedule-optimized solution.

To learn more about MPSafe™ and MPS’s safety enhanced automotive-grade power and analog solutions, visit

About Monolithic Power Systems
Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (“MPS”) is a global company that provides high-performance, semiconductor-based power electronics solutions. MPS’s mission is to reduce energy and material consumption to improve all aspects of quality of life. Founded in 1997 by the CEO Michael Hsing, MPS has three core strengths: deep system-level knowledge, strong semiconductor design expertise, and innovative proprietary semiconductor process and system integration technologies. These combined advantages enable MPS to provide customers with reliable, compact and monolithic solutions that offer highly energy-efficient and cost-effective products, as well as providing a consistent return on investment to our stockholders. MPS can be contacted through its website at or its support offices around the world.


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