More Output: Half-cell Module Standing out Conspicuously

The First Ground PV Project with Half-Cell Modules Completed by Suntech in Germany

BERLIN, June 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. ("Suntech") announces today that the first phase of the PV project at Rudower Allee has been successfully completed, and it becomes the first ground PV project with half-cell modules completed by Suntech in Germany.

For this project, Suntech provided half-cell poly modules for FIMA Projekt GmbH which highly appreciated by customers in Europe. Since the very beginning of this year when Suntech's half-cell modules entered European market, there have been several PV projects being feverishly constructed in succession. Compared to standard modules, the half-cell module has significant advantages in system applications. First of all, with half cell technology, the module power can be up to 10W higher than traditional design, and this can reduce the system cost with higher module efficiency. Secondly, unit solar cell current reduces by 50% with half-cell technology and the cell temperature during operation will drop by 20~25-degree Celsius compared to the standard design, which alleviates the hot spot effect using the hybrid mode with series-connected after parallel-connected. In addition, the size of half-cell is smaller than that of the conventional cell, which means that the damaged area also will be smaller for half-cell if cracks occurr under the influence of external force. At the same time, the traditional complex circuit is optimized by using the distributed junction box design, and the power loss can be further reduced in a cross layout of installation.

"As one of the earliest photovoltaic enterprises entering European market, we supply products from the past two busbar modules to the present five busbar ones; for eighteen years, our growth and change have been witnessed by European market, and our efficient quality modules are believed to have generated the passion of numerous customers for Suntech products," said Mr. He Shuangquan, the president of Suntech, "Reviewing yesterday, we are grateful; based on today, we make innovations and keep forging ahead; looking into tomorrow, we have a well-thought-out plan. In the near future, we will also pay return visits to customers under the theme 'stand the test of time', so as to truly listen to customers. We believe that sticking to quality and innovation as well as keeping oriented at customers and markets will surely make Suntech the most reliable PV enterprise with customers."