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Moviebook's CSAI Solution Facilitates Digital Transformation of the Retail Industry

Moviebook's CSAI Solution Facilitates Digital Transformation of the Retail Industry

Moviebook launches China's first digital business content generation solution, vastly enhancing the ability of retailers to digitize their commercial content

BEIJING, Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Moviebook, a leading AI-based services provider, has recently released its latest digital business content generation solution Moviebook CSAI (Generative AI Digital Twin of Commodities and Services Studio), meeting the needs across the retail sector to create digital scenarios and manage complex business logic. Moviebook CSAI provides strong technical support for the industry's continued growth.

The solution allows global brands and retailors to effortlessly create and distribute digital and interactive business content, greatly reducing the time needed for digital business content production, delivering a brand-new user experience while, at the same time, significantly lowering costs and raising efficiency.

Moviebook CSAI is China's first technical solution to the production of digital business content, extending generative AI + digital twin technologies to the business sector by way of an innovative approach. Powered by two underlays, namely Moviebook's in-house Automatic Digital Twin (ADT) engine and its digital factory, CSAI can rapidly generate visualized and interactive digital versions of products based on physical ones, and create customized digital representations of humans as well as a fully digital version of a marketplace, in a move that fundamentally changes the commercial logic and the consumer experience.

As a new method for production of digitized products, Moviebook CSAI can support large-scale automated extraction of key features of physical products, generate visualization data, build visualization models, and ultimately form digital twins of their physical counterparts, attributing digital features such as visualization, interactivity, immersion and personalization to physical products, and then converting physical products and their properties into a digital information flow that can be circulated within the digital economy.

Moviebook CSAI provides an innovative production-marketing relationship and model which forms a product-centric dynamic digital business ecosystem integrating experience, insight, and decision-making, and then evolves into a brand-new source of business content. Brands and retail platforms can quickly create multi-dimensional interactive marketing platforms, virtual shops, tens of thousands of product images, and programmable product models after easily generating "true-to-life" quality visuals, complete with product attributes, alongside general application scenarios. Data shows that the company's Digital Commodity Data Set has already reached the level where it has begun to take shape as an editable, iterative, and streamable digital business content ecosystem operating in real time.

Moviebook CSAI has opened the door to unprecedented opportunities in retail and significantly lowers costs and boosts efficiency. A large home appliance retail brand has already gone live with a series of digital services made possible by Moviebook, from the real-time rendering of tens of thousands of product visuals for its global online mall, to the creation of virtual shops, digital shopping guide services, and AI videos for new products, leveraging what digitalization can offer in the creation of the products themselves, research & development, digital management, digital marketing and after-sales services. Data shows that ideally retailers that deploy Moviebook CSAI can increase the average scale of transactions by 50 percent, the average spend per customer by approximately 30 percent, reduce product returns by 80 percent, while shortening the average sales cycle by 30 percent.

"Establishing a bond with consumers gets increasingly harder on an emotional level as the contact between a brand and consumers is narrowing." said the head of Moviebook digital business, "Moviebook CSAI provides shoppers with a highly improved immersive interactive experience, and, by doing so, shortens the time shoppers feel is needed to make a purchase decision. We expect Moviebook's digital business content generation solution to be the cornerstone of the next retail model."

Moviebook CSAI is a revolutionary AI visual business framework which largely simplifies the visualization and digitization of commercial content, increasing productivity and the ability to stand out from the competition. The framework's modular design and flexible scalability allows brands and retail platforms to use custom tools and interfaces to easily create visual experiences and interactions based on their own workflows. With the Moviebook CSAI, commercial content is moving towards real-time, interactive digitalization, addressing the prime challenge in the process of digitalization of the retail industry, which is of crucial importance.

About Moviebook

Moviebook, a leading AI-powered infrastructure and service provider of intelligent video production, aims at empowering monetization capacity for clients from new retail, media, education, and culture through intelligent vision. Building on technological advantages in fields of computer vision, computer graphics, among others, Moviebook significantly improves the production efficiency of visual content and innovates ways of presenting and interacting with such content. By applying AI technologies to videos, Moviebook is pioneering a wide variety of application scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.

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