Mundipharma partners with Caris Life Sciences(R) to launch new cancer tumour profiling service in Mexico

Mundipharma partners with Caris Life Sciences(R) to launch new cancer tumour profiling service in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Mundipharma is partnering with Caris Life Sciences®, a leading US biotechnology company, to provide the exclusive sales, promotion, marketing and distribution of its tumor profiling service, Caris Molecular Intelligence®, in Mexico.

Caris Molecular Intelligence® is a patented and proprietary service that uses a combination of technologies, including Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), to examine each tumour at the various biological stages of cancer, which provides individualised data about a patient's cancer. This information enables oncologists to make informed treatment decisions based on the unique molecular characteristics of each patient's cancer.

Providing nuanced understanding of tumour profiling studies helps identify patients who will benefit most from targeted therapies.

This move expands the portfolio of cancer care medicines Mundipharma will provide in Mexico. More importantly, the service has the potential to make a real difference to patients' lives by empowering healthcare professionals to more quickly identify treatment options, from all that are available, especially for rare and aggressive cancers.

Mundipharma already has a successful partnership in place with Caris Life Sciences® to provide this service in Malaysia and the two organisations are exploring other countries in which they could work together to benefit cancer patients.

Mundipharma CEO, Raman Singh, said, "As well as making new medicines available via our own research and development pipeline, Mundipharma is constantly exploring strategic partnerships that will bring patients access to important treatments.

"While cancer treatments have significantly advanced over the years, current cancer care options are still failing too many patients. With the introduction of Caris Molecular Intelligence®, we're proud that oncologists will now able to recommend better personalized treatments to specifically target patients' cancer. We believe this is a game-changer for oncology in Mexico."

About Caris Life Sciences® and Caris Molecular Intelligence®

Since 2008, Caris Life Sciences® has been pioneering precision medicine in the oncology space. Our company was established based on the idea -- that personalised and precise information can improve healthcare for everyone. As an innovative biotechnology company, we're actively working to fulfill the promise of precision medicine through our unique and transformative platforms to help patients with cancer and other complex diseases. Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Irving, Texas, USA, Caris Life Sciences® offers comprehensive tumour profiling services for healthcare providers in over 50 countries worldwide, which including the U.S., Europe, Australia and other international markets.

Caris Molecular Intelligence® is a patented and proprietary molecular testing offering that examines the unique molecular biology of a patient's tumour to help oncologists personalise cancer therapy. By comparing the tumour's biomarkers with data from clinical studies from thousands of the world's leading cancer researchers, we provide oncologists information about which treatments are likely to be most effective and which treatments are likely to be ineffective for each patient -- enabling the delivery of precision medicine.

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About Mundipharma 

Mundipharma is a network of independent associated companies which are privately owned entities covering pharmaceutical markets in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. The headquarters for these territories is in Singapore. Mundipharma is a prime example of an organization that consistently delivers high quality medicines while standing by the values it represents. Its mission is to alleviate the suffering of patients and to substantially improve their quality of life. Mundipharma is dedicated to bringing to patients the benefit of novel treatment options in fields such as pain, oncology, oncology supportive care, ophthalmology, respiratory disease and consumer healthcare. 

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