MX Token Officially Launched on Huobi Global

MX Token Officially Launched on Huobi Global

SINGAPORE, Nov 4, 2019 - (ACN Newswire) - MX, token of MXC Trading Platform, was officially launched on Huobi Global on Oct 30, 2019. A new landscape among digital-asset trading platforms around the globe may be shaping.

MX token witnessed a gain of more than 700% in latest half year. It is the platform token of MXC Trading Platform issued for its ecosystem construction. It enables users, members and contributors to participate the ecosystem improvement.

In general, the price of platform token is closely correlated with the development of the platform. In some words, it is a ruler for measuring the real-power of a platform. It reflects a platform's comprehensive power in technology, operation, capital, as well as the developing potentials. A healthy development of a platform is often followed by the surge of its token price.

The latest data displayed that the registered users on MXC Trading Platform has touched the 3 million mark. According to CoinMarketCap statistics, MXC ranks in the top ten on the global trading platforms, and monthly trading volume and traffic volume have also maintained rapid growth. Up to now, MXC has more than more than 200,000 users per day, and daily trading volume more than 1000 million US dollars, which is roughly the same as Binance. It can be estimated that MXC obtained $450,000 profit from trading fees in September. It is remarkable when compare it with the same month last year with a mere $10,000. It can be calculated the trading fee profit increased by over 50 times.

The launching of MX token on Huobi Global is about to open another big traffic path, which, of course, will largely increase its market liquidity and improving the real value. From another perspective, Huobi Global choosing to launch MX token maybe also because it sees the potential of MXC Trading Platform.


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