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"My O-SAKE", a sake OEM service that allows easy creation of sake brands, will participate in the "Food Japan in Singapore" 2022 exhibition

"My O-SAKE", a sake OEM service that allows easy creation of sake brands, will participate in the "Food Japan in Singapore" 2022 exhibition

TOKYO, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Katariji Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Adachi-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Naohiro Shimaguchi, hereinafter "Katariji"), an innovative sake distribution firm that provides sake OEM service through "My O-SAKE", will launch in October 2022. With My O-SAKE, anyone can easily create their own sake brand.

Katariji will be at the "Food Japan 2022" exhibition in Suntec Singapore from Thursday 13th to Friday 14th October 2022.


With the vision of "Enabling Japanese brands to become global", we provide comprehensive marketing support for overseas expansion. Katariji , in collaboration with sake brewers, technology and software system development companies,  is participating in the "Food Japan 2022" exhibition with its service "My O-SAKE".

This project is partly sponsored by the Japanese government support for the overseas expansion of Japanese alcoholic beverage.

Exhibition schedule

Date: October 13th (Thursday) and 14th (Friday), 2022 10:00 - 17:30

Venue: Suntec Singapore


Exhibition content

Seamless and smooth creation of OEM sake brands through "My O-Sake"

Service page:

While overseas sales of Japanese sake continue to grow, there is still a lack of awareness and knowledge of "Japanese sake",  which is a major trial barrier for consumers in many countries. Besides, sake brewers do not usually have any touch points like Social Network Service for overseas consumers and do not understand overseas consumers' needs. As a result, brand owners cannot develop optimal product development, price and sales channel strategies, and appropriate communication plans tailored to local needs.

My O-SAKE offers a service to overseas SAKE buyers that allows easy development of attractive OEM brands. The greatest strength of OEM brands is to enable the expansion of the consumer base that is new to Japanese SAKE. In order to achieve this, My O-SAKE will provide OEM development solutions that eliminate OEM production issues while maintaining the uniqueness of the brewery. Below are the features of our service.

The first feature is "templated OEM customization". Common barriers to OEMs with overseas companies are the high communication costs involved in defining the details of customization and the minimum order quantities. Our OEM service is divided into three types, with each offering different layers of customization. This simplifies the work on not only the buyer's side but also on the brewery's side and allows for lower minimum quantity orders versus the current market standards.

The second feature is "Momento", a customer success tool for overseas expansion developed by our company. Momento is an online community page that promotes interaction between brands and their international consumers. Brands want consumers to know the product's uniqueness and the craftsman's passion. At the same time, consumers enjoy posting their review, asking questions to the sake brewery, and sharing their product experience. Consumers access Momento's page through the QR code attached to the product. With this function, the OEM SAKE provides a richer, more unique product experience and brand story to consumers.

At this exhibition, we will also demonstrate an innovative RFID solution with a function to determine authenticity of high-end sake. Momento mainly uses QR codes, but unique NFC tags can be used as well, developed by Toppan Inc. (Headquarters: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President & Representative Director: Hideharu Maro, hereinafter referred to as Toppan).

Toppan provides high security NFC tags with an opening detection function and a "cloud-based ID authentication platform". With the product authentication function provided by these NFC tags and the platform, high-end sake can maintain its brand value while offering a unique product experience to consumers.


If you are interested in importing Japanese SAKE, OEM SAKE, or the authentication function technology with NFC-tag, please contact:

Company Profile

Company name: Katariji Co., Ltd.

Location: 2-22 EMBLEM Nishiarai, 3-33-6 Umejima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Naohiro Shimaguchi, Representative Director and CEO

Established: February 2022

Corporate Site:

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