With the National Team Playing in the World Cup, Chinese Enterprises are Taking Pains to Help Belgium Win

BRUSSELS, June 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Cup in Russia has begun. With the first battle against Panama declared a victory, Belgium also launched its strongest attack on the new target.

It is 32 years since Belgium's best performance at the last World Cup, when the national team finally came from Mexico as a hero. In the time since then, Belgium has never made a new breakthrough. Now, with the rise of all the members of the "golden generation", Belgium is once again heading for third place in the world. Can we break the record set 32 years ago and win the World Cup? Believe this is the expectation of every Belgian. While Chinese fans are waiting for it, there are also a number of faithful fans abroad who are eagerly looking forward to it.

A reporter learned that foreign fans, especially Chinese fans, have taken great pains to get Belgium to the top of the World Cup, including some famous Chinese enterprises. In particular, Meling, the Chinese appliance giant that is the official sponsor of Belgium's national team, is willing to cheer for Belgium's national team with the slogan of "winning free of charge".

It is understood that Chinese consumers will get a 20 percent discount if they buy the specified refrigerator products of Meling M Xiansheng, and if the Belgian football team enters the top eight; go to the final, customers will get a 50 percent discount. If Belgium wins, all customers who buy the specified model products will receive free of charge, and 1000 yuan will be returned for purchasing other M Xiansheng products. This event brought together a huge Chinese fan base for Belgium's national team. And the players, upon learning of the situation, said that under such incentives, they have more morale and confidence to win the World Cup in return for the fans from around the world.

So why is China's Meling willing to join hands with Belgium's national team and invest so much?

First of all, the current Belgium squad is the strongest in history and the most powerful in the history of the tournament. Although in the past we often get into the embarrassing situation of "not strong in the big game", now the national team has scored 43 goals in a 9-1 draw in qualifying for the World Cup in Europe. They tied with Germany for the most firepower in Europe and went two rounds ahead of the group to become the first European team to qualify for the World Cup. The result gave Belgium a huge psychological advantage in winning the tournament. In this tournament, the young who are strong will certainly see the goal even further, and the first round of the group stage against Panama will be enough to see their morale. They also have the ability to match with any of the world's biggest players. It is worth mentioning that Belgium can attract Chinese sponsors and have a good fan base in China, which is inseparable from two of the team's players who play in China.

Carrasco and Witsel are already central figures in the Chinese super league. They have won the love of the Chinese fans with their excellent football skills and good image. In addition, Azar, De Bruyne and other star players also have high popularity in China. As a result, many Chinese fans would like to see Belgium, which also has the same red gene, as their "home team". If they win, Meling can achieve a one-hundred response.

The World Cup is at hand. We all believe that, with the well-stocked lineup, the talented Belgian national soccer team will be able to create more miracles in the World Cup finals in 2018 Russia, to bring surprises to the fans in the world. Sponsors and fans from the world's most populous nation strongly support Belgium. Why should we not support the national team without reservation?