Natural Substances Lab Commercializes a Method to Erase Lump Wrinkles as Skin Care Products in Korea

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Natural Substances Lab, the operator of Korean cosmetics brand DEMAR 3, announced a new range of skin care products that focus on improving lump wrinkles.

Natural Substances Lab commercializes a method to erase lump wrinkles as skin care products In Korea
Natural Substances Lab commercializes a method to erase lump wrinkles as skin care products In Korea

Lump wrinkles and denatured protein are caused by lysosomes which have been well-studied since its discovery in the 1970s by Belgian scientist Christian de Duve and his paper 'Digestive Activity of Lysosomes'. Since then, in 2016, Ohsumi Yoshinori from Japan has received the Nobel prize for his discovery on mechanisms for autophagy; and Incospharm, a Korean company that researches ingredients for cosmetic applications, has succeeded in producing skin-care ingredients with autophagous properties.

Natural Substances Lab has also been investigating ways to improve wrinkles caused by lysosomes. For this, Natural Substances Lab has contracted technology partnership with Incospharm, and produced skin-care products with "complex solution" that contain over 11 ingredients that are effective in targeting wrinkles. 

The lump-wrinkle ampoule from DEMAR 3 is divided into two preparations; the 1st ampoule disintegrates lump wrinkle and the 2nd ampoule helps to reconstruct damaged skin structure. The efficacy is expected to increase by 142% when the two ampoules are used together.

Lump wrinkle ampoules have already undergone multiple tests for consumer's satisfaction and usage. When 30 participants with wrinkles concerns who are in their 20s and 30s used the ampoules for over 8 weeks, 92% of participants were satisfied with the product.

Lump wrinkle ampoule (provisional name) is to be launched officially in the market as 'REM-ROSE 25 Burning Effector' on this February 11th.

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