Nayuki Donating Food and Face Masks to Several Hospitals to Battle Coronavirus Outbreak and Launches Free Delivery Service for February

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nayuki, a leading new-style tea drink brand based in China, is donating tea beverages, baked goods, milk, fruit and thousands of medical face masks to frontline medical staff in Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.

Nayuki's staff dispatched the items to the frontline medical staff
Nayuki's staff dispatched the items to the frontline medical staff

To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Nayuki has launched a free delivery service for customers during February and upgraded its food safety controls to guarantee all facilities are disinfected regularly.

"We would like to extend our gratitude and highest respect to all front-line medical staff. It is their bravery and selfless dedication that we are able to continue to progress and bring the outbreak under control. We will do our best to offer as much help as possible to those who are racing against time to treat patients", said Peng Xin, Founder of Nayuki,  "We offered them freshly-made tea drinks and baked goods to ease their work pressure while helping them maintain adequate nutrient intake. Meanwhile, Nayuki is also helping to procure and dispatch much needed medical items to hospitals to strengthen their efforts and ease the current strain in Wuhan and across the country."

"Aside from this, we have also sealed all our in-store products with boxes and plastic bags to ensure the safety of customers and launched free and contactless delivery services and traceable food safety measures in cooperation with Meituan. Each product comes with a card which has detailed information about the names and temperatures of each person who made and delivered them", she added.

The stores of Nayuki in Wuhan suspended business on January 23rd in response to the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the city. Yet on the 29th, Nayuki's staff began to work alongside Meituan to prepare and dispatch hundreds of tea drinks and baked goods to Wuhan Hanyang District People's Hospital, Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hanyang Branch and medical teams from the PLA Air Force hospital. During Lunar New Year, Nayuki's staff arranged the delivery of tens of box of milk and fruit and thousands of medical face masks.

To further consolidate the anti-epidemic endeavour across the country, Nayuki has provided a free delivery service from February 1st-29th while encouraging customers to order online to reduce the risk of infection by person-to-person contact.  From kitchen to cup, the company maintains the highest hygiene standards and the strictest food safety controls.

The opening of new outlets in the US and Japan is well underway. However, the company expects progress in Q1 of 2020 to experience delays due to the impact of the epidemic. With the expansion strategy and contingency measures in place, Nayuki is confident that normal business operations will begin soon. 

About Nayuki

Nayuki, the leading Chinese new-style tea brand, with its fruit-based cheese teas and soft-euro bakes, is dedicated to bringing new taste sensations to tea aficionados around the world. Growing rapidly with nearly 400 stores ranging from 1,200 up to 11,000 square feet in prime locations across China, Nayuki has elevated the tea-drinking lifestyle to the next level with its innovations.

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