Need a job? McDonald's Singapore is holding a mass hiring drive on Saturday

Need a job? McDonald's Singapore is hiring on Saturday (May 13) which is also National Hiring Day.

McDonald's Singapore will kick off its first large-scale National Hiring Day as 700 crew members and managers gather for a mass hiring drive aiming to attract 2,000 applicants.

About 120 participating McDonald's restaurants are also conducting "open houses" from May 13 to 19 to give interested candidates a back-of-house tour that will help them better understand the culture and various roles in a McDonald's restaurant.

McDonald's offers a variety of continuous training and education opportunities such as hospitality and management development programmes, as part of McDonald's 'Archways to Opportunity' promise.

It is not uncommon for McDonald's restaurant managers to have started as a crew member and reach their fullest potential through series of internal and external training programmes provided by McDonald's, said their press release today.

Flexibility in the workplace is also an appealing factor to the different groups of employees at McDonald's.

Students who work with McDonald's are given flexible hours that fit their schedules while family-friendly policies allow other employees with family commitments to enjoy work-life balance.

McDonald's was also one of the pioneers to begin hiring mature workers in the 1980s and has since provided an operations-friendly environment for them.