Netherlands, a country that can never be underestimated for overseas property investments

THE HAGUE, the Netherlands, July 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Overseas property investment has always been the first choice for Hong Kong people. Under the policy of global integration and the Belt and Road policy, China and Europe are increasing trade and the demand for hotels is gradually rising.

Netherlands, a country that can never be underestimated
Netherlands, a country that can never be underestimated

Global Wisdom B.V., established in 2015, is a developer dedicated to overseas property construction. It opened a five-star hotel in the CBD of The Hague, the Netherlands, and expanded its market in the Netherlands. "The Dutch place is small, but according to a research report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2017, the Dutch economy is up to standard in which it has a rating of Poole's 3A, the seventh in the world's 'Best Business Country' by Forbes, the second largest agri-food exporter in the world, and the third-highest in global higher education," Mrs.Wei Lin Chiu, chief executive of the group said.

Global Wisdom B.V. has developed the five-star business hotel, Wisdom Hotel, located in the CBD area of The Hague, the Netherlands, adjacent to many international institutions such as the European Patent Office, Shell Oil Company, and Tui's European Headquarters and other Fortune 500 companies. Since the hotel is located opposite the European Patent Office, it has a geographical advantage. Currently, more than 20 rooms are open to the public. Those who work or travel through the European Patent Office have a strong demand to stay while, unfortunately, there is only about one four-star hotel in the district to deliver 70 room availabilities.

Global Wisdom B.V. will set up the "Central European Chinese Chamber of Commerce" to hold regular chamber meetings and create more business opportunities for SMEs. The Group has successfully helped many Hong Kong and Chinese companies to expand into the European market, including milk powder companies, diapers manufacturing companies, water dispenser manufacturing companies, furniture manufacturing companies and fish eggs manufacturing companies.

If you want to know more about the Global Wisdom investment project and Netherlands immigrants, please feel free to reach out for an interview.

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