neuCentrIX HK-1: A Carrier-Neutral Data Center in Hong Kong Conducts its Launch to Provide Needs of Data Center

neuCentrIX HK-1: A Carrier-Neutral Data Center in Hong Kong Conducts its Launch to Provide Needs of Data Center

HONG KONG, April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Hong Kong), Ltd ("Telin Hong Kong"), a subsidiary of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International, ("Telin") is just launched its most current Data Center called neuCentrIX HK-1 in Itech Tower 2, Hong Kong. The ceremony was remarked by the ribbon cutting done by Director of Carrier & International Business Telkom, Abdus Somad Arief and CEO Telin, Faizal R. Djoemadi on April 12th 2018.

With its launch, neuCentrIX HK-1 is ready for commercial to providing neutral and multi service atmosphere with large-scale advantages by enabling nation-wide and global network. This world-class facility is equipped with capacity 600-800 KVA with 200 rack (3-4 KVA max/rack) and connected to mature ecosystem in MEGA-I and Equinix. neuCentrIX HK-1 is connected seamlessly to all global infrastructures including submarine cable system and Point of Presence (PoP) to support vast need of customer's business by enabling nation-wide and global network to ensure the high security for any priority assets the customer's own.

The neuCentrIX is the most current product in a form of Data Center of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, tbk ("Telkom"), the parent company of Telin with spreading globally. It adds to the current Data Center in Changi and Jurong and other neuCentrIX Data Centers in Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Batam, Balikpapan, Jogja, Denpasar, Manado, and Makassar. These data centers connect to each other with total 4167 square meters with tier-2 and tier-3 availability. Besides providing conventional data center services, the data center is set to offer highly competitive and custom-made solutions to clients. Ultimately, neuCentrIX's clients will benefit from a secure and efficient connection of their businesses to Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Global network.

"We established neuCentrIX with such designed capacity to provide colocation and hosting services to small and big enterprises in APAC and Greater China regions. This data center will also provide other value-added services such as Inter-rack cabling, Smart hand, Storage space, Meeting Room, and Remote Peering over Telin's Point of Presence," said Faizal delivered his speech in the launching.

Located in iTech tower 2, Hong Kong, neuCentrIX functions with the parent company's ethics and value in delivering secured and high capacity data center services. Enterprise clients depends on neuCentrIX to deliver seamless data center service experience with services ranging from Collocation to Network and Connectivity, IP transit, Direct Internet Access, Content Delivery Network, Cloud services, Inter-rack connection, smart hand and storage space provision.

About Telin Hong Kong

Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Hong Kong) Limited ("Telin Hong Kong") is a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk ("Telkom"), a state-owned telecommunication and network service provider. It becomes subsidiary with 100% of its shares owned by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International ("Telin"). Telin Hong Kong has obtained Unified Carrier License (UCL) and Services-Based Operator (SBO) License for Mobile Virtual Network Operation (MVNO) Services being able to operate Kartu As 2 in 1 in Hong Kong. It connects seamlessly with global capabilities owned by Telin. Telin Hong Kong owns subisidiaries in Taiwan and Macau namely Telin Taiwan and Telin Macau respectively.

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