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Neuragenex Expands to Open New Georgia Locations, Giving More People Access to its Innovative Approach to Chronic Pain Management

Neuragenex Expands to Open New Georgia Locations, Giving More People Access to its Innovative Approach to Chronic Pain Management

ATLANTA, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Neuragenex, a trailblazing pain management practice at the forefront of pain management solutions, is delighted to announce the opening of the Lawrenceville clinic location in Georgia. With its groundbreaking approach to chronic pain management that is drug-free and non-invasive, Neuragenex is dedicated to becoming the largest and fastest growing chronic pain management practice in the United States. 

Other new clinic locations include Victoria and Waco in Texas, four locations in Illinois, as well as Bluffdale and Lehi in Utah.

Revolutionizing pain management

As a medical practice, Neuragenex is dedicated to revolutionizing pain management. The company's mission is to relieve pain, restore health, and magnify quality of life without drugs, surgery, or invasive procedures. Similarly, the vision is to be the first thought, first choice, and first step in the journey of chronic pain relief. Despite this seemingly common goal, what differentiates Neuragenex however is their commitment to developing innovative solutions that go beyond conventional pain management approaches.

Specializing in non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive pain management treatments, Neuragenex recognizes that traditional pain management approaches often rely on medications, surgeries, or therapies with limited efficacy. Furthermore, the Neuragenex leadership recognizes that the treatment most susceptible for misuse is the prescription of opioid drugs, which has a high potential for abuse, especially in the United States.

With death rates associated with opioid overdose increasing significantly for virtually every population group, including a high rate of deaths from opioid prescription, Neuragenex in response have developed a new approach to chronic pain management which challenges conventional models of treatment.

At the heart of Neuragenex's approach lies electroanalgesia, a cutting-edge technique that utilizes controlled electrical stimulation to manage pain. Electroanalgesia has demonstrated promising results in various pain conditions by modulating the nervous system, blocking pain signals, and providing targeted relief. By incorporating electroanalgesia into their treatment protocols, Neuragenex offers patients a non-conventional but effective pathway to pain management.

Making a positive impact in five new locations

With the expansion of five new clinic locations, Neuragenex will offer convenient access to cutting-edge pain management services for patients in key regions. These strategic expansions will bring an alternative yet effective approach to chronic pain management for more individuals in need, allowing them to access advanced treatments and experience relief like never before.

"Expanding our clinic locations is a significant milestone for Neuragenex. We are excited to bring our groundbreaking approach to more individuals suffering from chronic pain. These new clinics will allow us to make a positive impact on even more lives, pushing the boundaries of pain management and in the process, set a new path and approach to the way we manage chronic pain in the industry," enthused CEO William Bozeman.

Patients who have experienced Neuragenex's innovative approach to chronic pain management have reported remarkable success and transformative outcomes. Shelley Otte, a patient receiving treatment for her neuropathy on her legs and feet, shares her experience: "Before receiving treatment with Neuragenex, I tried different medications but I wasn't able to tolerate those well. By the end of my treatment, I don't have any pain at night. It's been so worth the time I've spent as I've had to travel quite the distance, but now I have the relief that I've been looking for so long."

Bringing revolutionary pain relief solutions to Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported that the number of opioid-related overdose deaths more than doubled between 2019-2021. When the ongoing abuse of non-prescription opioids, such as fentanyl, is factored into the equation, the results are expected to continue rising. The Atlanta greater metropolitan area has been hit hard by the state's opioid abuse epidemic, but the problem does not stop there.

With its unique approach and widened accessibility, Neuragenex is providing individuals with renewed hope, relief, and improved quality of life all over the state. All the while staying true to their core values of care, compassion, communication, commitment, and competence.

The company currently operates in the following Georgia locations: Lawrenceville, Marietta, and McDonough, with even more opening soon including Alpharetta, Hiram, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Roswell, and Suwanee. Neuragenex's new clinic locations represent a significant step forward in the company's mission to revolutionize chronic pain management.

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About Neuragenex

Neuragenex is a pioneering company dedicated to revolutionizing pain management. With an approach that focuses on electroanalgesia, Neuragenex's treatments have been designed to provide relief and improve the lives of individuals suffering from chronic pain without drugs or surgery. Committed to pushing the boundaries of pain management, Neuragenex continuously aims to provide relief and improve the lives of individuals suffering from persistent pain.

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