New Book Claims: To Retain Talent in the Great Rethink, Companies Need to Make Work Truly Enjoyable

Faced with the global health crisis and other challenges that came afterward, employees are rethinking their expectations radically. They prioritize the quality and meaningfulness of their lives over sacrificing themselves for their companies. The situation of the employers has changed permanently as well. Leaders ask about how to manage remote workers, communicate effectively, maintain their culture and attract employees to meet each other in the office.

As an answer to these questions, theLivingCore has released a book called The Enjoyable Company: Making Work Work in a Post-Pandemic World. They claim companies should use the global pandemic disruption and The Great Rethink to future-proof and reshape themselves profoundly. The goal is simple: to make work truly enjoyable. But to do that, we first need to understand what joy really is and what steps leaders can take to make it work for their people. The Enjoyable Company provides this information and guides leaders through principles and exercises to put them into action.

“When your employees truly enjoy their work and feel they are a genuine part of your organization, they bring their full, authentic selves to the workplace. And with them, their full potential, dedicated to the common goals of your organization. Joy is the most fundamental thing we, as people, want to experience. We claim that companies exist to fulfill this purpose. Successful business developments and innovations will follow. And with them, financial success. We made this guide for the owners, leaders, and courageous individuals who want to make this vision a reality.” -The Enjoyable Company, p. 5

Who is this book for?

  • Founders and entrepreneurs who want to build purposeful and enjoyable companies for more than just profits
  • Leaders who want to attract and retain talented people and enable them to reach their full potential
  • People managers who want to help people enjoy their work and spread the good word
  • Employees who want to make their work and workplaces better for themselves and their colleagues

What will they learn?

  • Why will joy be the leading paradigm in the world of work?
  • Why should companies care about joy in the post-pandemic world?
  • What does enjoyment mean, and how is it different from happiness?
  • What are the most important qualities people need to enjoy work?
  • What can leaders do right now to make their organization enjoyable?
  • What are the 7 principles behind workplaces that enable deep joy?

What will they find inside?

  • Carefully crafted articles from our founders and expert team
  • Specific, practical guidelines for designing enjoyable organizations and workplaces
  • Opinion articles discussing the future of post-pandemic work
  • Curated extracts from interviews with leaders and experts
  • Library with recommendations for our top book picks
  • The Joyful Manager Worksheet - a 6-step program built of important questions and practical exercises to apply to themselves, their team, and their organization

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About the Authors

theLivingCore is a multidisciplinary team consisting of cognitive scientists, psychologists, business consultants, facilitators, and designers with 20 years of experience in working with organizations of all kinds and sizes. Their work as knowledge and innovation architects is all about the vitality and authenticity of organizations and the people who work there.

Orientation, the creation of new meaning, and purpose are key in a VUCA world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. theLivingCore helps turn the challenges of a VUCA world into positive outcomes by transforming and accompanying organizations on their path from their most fundamental core toward the future. They use an approach called “learning from the future” to develop living and thriving organizations, products, and spaces.

Publication sheet:

  • Publication date: 01.09.2022
  • Price: 69€
  • Pages: 84
  • ISBN: 978-3-9505224-0-2

About Us: theLivingCore is an organizational design and innovation partner co-developing living and thriving organizations – integrating strategy, innovation, spaces, and culture.

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