New H3C Releases Eagle Eye 2.0 System, Leading New Changes in the Network

BEIJING, July 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, New H3C Group officially released its brand-new Eagle Eye 2.0 System. The system is the first management access system initiated by New H3C in the IoT society of China, which can keenly sense the network connection, proactively identify access devices and manage the device baselines. Endowed by these innovative technologies, the network is thus globally insightful, credible, visual and controllable, and can bring convenient, efficient and eligible guarantee to the IoE network. The Eagle Eye 2.0, compared with Eagle Eye 1.0, which focuses on video monitoring networks, will cover the entire industry. With its unique "flexible implantation" capability, it can implement the entire network deployment and adaptation in the case of zero network transformation. The "Eagle Eye Inside" allows New H3C switching routing devices to have proactive perception ability and reshapes a new network structure. As the new Eagle Eye technology keeps being applied, it is promising to lead new changes in the network.

With the accelerating deployment and application of innovative technologies such as the IoT and 5G, the modern society is rapidly marching toward a new era under the IoE. It means that dramatic change would come to the number of networking devices, categories and network access modes. Common unattended devices, dumb terminals and various types of IP of IoT terminals in the network are usually hard to monitor and manage effectively, which poses a great challenge to the stable network operation. Traditional network management products and access products, however, cannot effectively identify and respond to emerging risk factors. Given this fact, customers are in urgent need of a resultful solution that can accurately and automatically identify network risks and achieve unified network monitoring and management.

Based on the deep understanding of the security needs of network users, New H3C has initiated the first access management system in the IoT society of China. In terms of access, it can keenly sense "users" and "things" to the network, and match appropriate permissions for different types of users. In addition, it can end security risks through active isolation and blocking of illegal devices as it identifies the network access devices accurately. In management, the Eagle Eye system can continuously monitor the status of network access devices and the link state among devices, by which users are able to manage IP assets in a graphical way and the network management efficiency is improved.

As an upgraded version of the Eagle Eye system developed by New H3C, Eagle Eye 2.0 integrates many technological innovations compared to its predecessor. The 2.0 version, on the one hand, has a more intuitive insight into the overall situation, from end to the network, tangible assets to wireless resources, which enables it to control all access resources. On the other hand, the 2.0 "Eagle Eye Inside" function can put the power of Eagle Eye system into the equipment of H3C, giving the new generation of network the self-perception awareness. On account of this, the network would "awaken" and update to a truly credible, visual, and controllable one with active scanning and insight capabilities.

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