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New Inventec FPGA SmartNIC C5020X Offers Next-Generation Customization Solutions

New Inventec FPGA SmartNIC C5020X Offers Next-Generation Customization Solutions

Inventec among the first to leverage Intel's Foundational NIC platform architecture with a new SmartNIC product.

TAIPEI, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Inventec (2356.TW), in collaboration with Intel®, announces the release of the new Inventec FPGA SmartNIC C5020X that complements the Intel® FPGA SmartNIC C5000X platform architecture. Inventec is one of Intel's first ecosystem partners to leverage this platform. The FPGA SmartNIC C5020X works to extend traditional Network Interface Controllers (NICs) beyond its existing restrictions for the cloud data center. It offers customers great and varied levels of customization solutions for their businesses, while still delivering high levels of programmability.

Inventec FPGA SmartNIC C5020X
Inventec FPGA SmartNIC C5020X

"Inventec is proud to have partnered with Intel to create a unique SmartNIC based upon the Intel® FPGA SmartNIC C5000X platform architecture. We immediately realized that this platform would stand out as the SmartNIC for the future, offering customers the ability to customize while still delivering the outstanding performance, programmability, and a portfolio of technology that only Intel can provide," says George Lin, General Manager of Business Unit VI, Inventec Enterprise Business Group (Inventec EBG).

New Groundbreaking Features

The C5020X's notable features and solutions are optimized for use in cloud data centres and acceleration in networking, storage, security and virtualization. The Inventec FPGA SmartNIC C5020X solution offers dual port 25G high speed connectivity in a full-height, half-length and single-width PCIe form factor. It combines the Intel® Xeon D processor with a Stratix 10 FPGA onto a single PCB. In the C5020X, independent PCIe channels connect the FPGA to the Intel® Xeon D and the host x86 CPU.

Increased flexibility allows the user to treat the NIC and the FPGA as two independent devices that enhance the performance of the C5020X, and new features can be added together or separately. The Intel® Xeon-D runs embedded Linux, while the FPGA offers high programmability. The C5020X series can be customised to accelerate workloads in the cloud such as storage functions and the virtual switch, as well as in 5G RAN, edge computing, and other software-defined networks.

Great Flexibility and scalability

The C5020X offers flexibility that expands with your business and is not constrained by the existing NIC infrastructure. Its programmability makes the C5020X open up possibilities in the application of network acceleration, software-defined storage, smart security, and network function virtualization (NFV), among others functions.

The Inventec FPGA SmartNIC C5020X can supercharge your cloud data center like a hyperscaler. It is able to expand your existing infrastructure with a powerful tool that is incredibly adaptable and can grow with the evolving needs of applications that have surpassed the traditional NIC. It can also be tailored to fulfill unique functions that have yet to be achieved in today's architecture.

Staying Competitive in Line with Increasing Network Speeds

This SmartNIC allows cloud service providers to remain competitive in the crowded and competitive marketplace by providing greater offloading capabilities in a world with increasing network speeds. SmartNICs can be customised to help increase data center automation by offloading network functions from the server CPUs.

With the unveiling of this product, Inventec and Intel® advance together into the next generation of Network Interface Controllers.

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