New JCU Singapore Future Scholarship to help out prospective students who require financial aid

James Cook University in Singapore aims to provide free education to deserving Singapore citizens to empower them in fields critical to Singapore's development.

SINGAPORE, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- For some people, the costs associated with higher education can be a determining factor in deciding whether to pursue their dreams of learning important skills to gain a successful career. Thankfully, James Cook University (JCU) in Singapore has launched the JCU Singapore Future Scholarship on 28 March 2022 for prospective students who require financial aid.

JCU Singapore Future Scholarship
JCU Singapore Future Scholarship

Ahead of the Singapore campus's 20th anniversary in 2023, JCU, Singapore is looking to award 15 scholarships (valued at approximately S$1 million) to support students from low-income families. This needs-based scholarship will provide successful candidates with a 100% scholarship in one of the following undergraduate programmes on a full-time basis:

These programmes support future leaders committed to developing Singapore's ambition to become a smart nation through the use of advanced technologies and an understanding of the digital economy. In addition, the aquaculture-focused programmes are also in line with Singapore's "30 by 30" goal of having the local agri-food sector produce enough to meet 30 per cent of Singapore's nutritional needs by 2030. JCU's increasing focus on science, technology and aquaculture aims to contribute towards building Singapore's future.

Applicants to the scholarship must have excellent academic results, with at least a 75% grade average, and enrol into JCU as a new student. Shortlisted applicants are required to attend a panel interview to determine their candidacy.

Professor Chris Rudd OBE, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Head of Campus, Singapore at JCU, said, "I am thrilled that we are making a concentrated effort to open up educational opportunities to more students, who otherwise might not have had that opportunity. At the same time, it enriches the experience of everyone in JCU, paving the way for a diverse set of perspectives in our classrooms. We believe that knowledge has the power to change lives, and the JCU Singapore Future Scholarship is our contribution towards a stronger community, as well as a stronger Singapore."

Professor May Tan-Mullins, Dean International at JCU, Singapore, said, "As an Australian university operating in Singapore, the JCU Singapore Future Scholarship allows us to show our gratitude by empowering deserving students — enabling them to address some of the nation's pressing challenges, from embracing a digital future to maintaining food security, and create a positive impact, through programmes crucial to Singapore's development."

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