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New Leaf Detox And Treatment Inc. Becomes The Best Rehab Center In California For Pet Friendly Rehab And Luxury Rehab

New Leaf Detox & Treatment, a renowned detox facility that offers premium drug and alcohol rehabilitation, has recently announced that it has become one of the best rehab centers in California for its pet friendly rehab and luxury rehab options in its Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano facility.

With hundreds of five-star reviews and a plethora of testimonials from past patients, New Leaf Detox and Treatment has been consistently praised for its compassionate pet friendly rehab that allows patients to bring their emotional support animals or pets to the treatment center with them. This approach is intended to help reduce stress for patients and provide them with continual support during their time at the facility.

New Leaf Detox and Treatment has also received widespread acclaim for its luxury rehab center, which assists patients with a selection of specialist rehab services, such as inpatient rehab, dual diagnosis, and medically assisted treatment, in a premier, luxurious facility. This serene and comfortable experience has been shown to help patients achieve sobriety while being pampered and catered to.

A spokesperson for New Leaf Detox and Treatment said, “Our Laguna Niguel & San Juan Capistrano Rehab Center serving Orange County can help you turn over a new leaf. Sustainable life-long recovery is achieved through a true transformation of self. We help our patients through this transformation by providing all the knowledge, life skills, and resources needed to do so. Recovery from any addiction is no easy task. But with proper care, individual therapy, and the right treatment services, you can achieve a life worth living without drugs.”

Pet Friendly Rehab

The pet friendly rehab at New Leaf Detox and Treatment allows patients to undertake treatment for drug or alcohol addiction while their pet accompanies them at the facility. This unique rehab option has a selection of benefits and has proved to be a success with the large amount of patients who have chosen pet friendly rehab in the past.

One of the biggest advantages of pet friendly rehab is that patients do not have to find and organize expensive or stress-inducing care for their pets while they are at the facility. This option also provides patients with an everyday routine and enables a connection with their life in the real world by stating that they are solely responsible for their pet’s wellbeing, such as feeding, exercise, and overall care. Additionally, pet friendly rehab has been scientifically proven to make patients feel more comfortable during their rehab experience, help with forming bonds with other patients at the facility, and effectively reduce stress during treatment.

Luxury Rehab

New Leaf Detox and Treatment’s luxury rehab in California offers patients a luxurious and serene experience in one of the most beautiful places in the country while they are in recovery and receiving treatment to become healthy and substance-free.

Like any other inpatient program, luxury rehab offers an array of high-quality treatment options that are carried out by a team of experienced medical professionals, but compared to more basic treatment centers, patients at New Leaf Detox and Treatment will have access to more amenities and activities that will make rehab feel more like a vacation.

Recovery is a challenge in any treatment program, but luxury rehab ensures the experience is as comfortable and as easy as possible by offering:

  • Meals are prepared by a personal chef and a nutritionist who can guide patients on their diet and food preparation
  • A focus on overall wellness, such as meditation and yoga classes
  • An extensive selection of activities, which could include scuba diving or equine therapy
  • Access to skilled therapists and healers

More information

To find out more about New Leaf Detox and Treatment Inc. and its announcement of becoming one of the best rehab centers in California for its pet friendly rehab and luxury rehab options in its Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano facility, please visit the website at


About Us: Our philosophy is to equip our clients with the knowledge, life skills, spiritual tool kit and emotional support to produce a meaningful character transformation necessary for sustained long-term recovery. Together we work diligently with our clients to uncover, discover, and discard; to unearth the authentic self in each client, healing the underlying causes of addiction.

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