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A New Way Forward: CYBEX of Goodbaby International launches first car seat with integrated full body airbag

A New Way Forward: CYBEX of Goodbaby International launches first car seat with integrated full body airbag

HONG KONG, Nov. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Goodbaby International Holdings Limited ("Goodbaby International" or the "Company", HKEX stock code: 1086, together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), a leading global parenting products company, is pleased to announce another proven success for its strategic brand CYBEX, the German manufacturer of innovative car seats and strollers, which is once again reinventing the world of child safety with the launch of the Anoris T i-Size.

CYBEX Anoris is setting new industry standards in terms of safety. Thanks to its integrated airbag technology, the forward-facing seat offers approximately 50%[1] more protection than conventional forward-facing seats. What is more, when compared to conventional rear-facing child seats, the Anoris has a better overall performance in terms of active and passive protection confirming its safety without compromise. Facing forward, the child enjoys much easier interaction with the driver. The Anoris T i-Size is simple to install and provides considerably more legroom, comfort and easy entry into the seat.

In 2012, CYBEX revolutionized the market with its multiple award-winning rear-facing car seat, the CYBEX Sirona. The Sirona's unique rotation mechanism for easy boarding and its excellent safety scores has since become the new industry standard. Nine years later, CYBEX is pioneering once again with the debut of Anoris T i-Size.

"The question was never if, but rather when," says Martin Pos, CEO of Goodbaby International and founder of CYBEX. "For decades, airbags have been essential safety features for vehicles, protecting adults from serious injury in the event of an accident. Ever since CYBEX was founded in 2005, we had a vision for a car seat that would also make this technology accessible to children. Thanks to the hard work of our development team over the past 16 years and new technologies, it is with great pride that we release CYBEX Anoris T i-Size."

Safety in Milliseconds With The Innovative Airbag Technology

The next generation of child safety starts now. In a conventional front-facing car seat, a child is secured using harness straps so that in a frontal collision the head is thrust forward. To combat this, the airbag integrated into the Anoris T i-Size's impact shield protects both the fragile head and neck. The airbag is activated in milliseconds, opening to spread to a C-shape in front of the child. The full body airbag provides approximately 50%[1] more protection in the event of a frontal collision than traditional forward-facing child seats with a harness system. But also when compared to conventional rear-facing child seats, the Anoris validates its safety without compromise–with a better overall performance in terms of active and passive safety.

More is More! Frontal Orientation, Increased Passive Safety, More Legroom and Unrestricted Interaction

CYBEX knows turning around while driving is dangerous. As a forward-facing seat, the Anoris T i-Size allows parents to interact easily with their children, keeping them in plain sight using the rearview mirror.

Grow Older With Comfort and Ease

The Anoris T i-Size makes a long drive more comfortable by offering enough legroom for children up to six years old (two years older than conventional child car seats allow). On longer trips, bigger kids can dangle their feet without feeling restricted in any way.

The car seat – developed in accordance with the UN R129/03 standard – is suited for children at a height of 76 centimeters. Yet, the seat is easy to adapt as the child grows all the way up to age six, or to a height of 115 centimeters and a maximum weight of 21 kilograms. Parents can adjust the seat into three comfortable positions so children can easily fall asleep during longer journeys.

The Anoris T i-Size will be available in stores in late November, 2021.

More information on the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size as well as the introduction to the product by Goodbaby International CEO and CYBEX founder Martin Pos can be found here.

About Goodbaby International Holdings Limited

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For CYBEX, safety, innovation and lifestyle are paramount. The German brand develops products that make everyday living for parents and children safer and more comfortable. All products follow the CYBEX D.S.F. innovation principle, the unique combination of distinctive design, highest safety standards and smart functionality – "for all tomorrow's people". CYBEX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goodbaby International Holdings Limited.

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[1] This value is derived from the results of internal crash tests taking into account the ADAC front crash test criteria (2021).

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