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Nexdata Showcases Cutting-Edge Data Solutions at CVPR 2024: Enhancing AI Performance in ADAS/AV, Gen AI, Re-ID Trackmg, and Anti-Spoofing

Nexdata Showcases Cutting-Edge Data Solutions at CVPR 2024: Enhancing AI Performance in ADAS/AV, Gen AI, Re-ID Trackmg, and Anti-Spoofing

SEATTLE, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexdata, a leading global provider of AI data services, today announced its latest data solutions for ADAS/AV, Generative AI, Re-ID/Tracking, and Anti-spoofing at the 2024 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Conference.

Committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends, Nexdata delivers professional and reliable data solutions to address real-world challenges. This commitment is demonstrated through Nexdata's comprehensive offerings at this prestigious event, including off-the-shelf datasets, customization service, and the Data+ annotation platform for various industry scenarios.

In the ADAS/AV domain, Nexdata excels in data solutions for in-cabin and outside-cabin multi-sensor fusion perception. Their high-quality training data and smart data labeling platform aid autonomous vehicles in better tackling complex and diverse real-world environments. Notably, for 2D-3D Fusion-Point Cloud Tracking, Nexdata can execute object tracking tasks of 1 million frames per month, showcasing a high delivery capability. Additionally, its annotation platform features a built-in pre-recognition engine that supports human-machine interaction and semi-automatic labeling, increasing labeling efficiency by over 30%.

For Generative AI, Nexdata presents datasets for Image Captioning, Supervised Fine-tuning (SFT), and Pre-Training Text. The company also provides copyrighted speech datasets comprising over 1,000,000 hours in 100+ languages and accents, recorded with professional equipment across diverse scenarios. These datasets enhance the performance of clients' ASR, NLP, and TTS technologies, accelerating AI project deployment by up to 5 times while significantly reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Additionally, in the areas of Re-ID/Tracking and Anti-spoofing, Nexdata presents diverse datasets and tailored data service to meet clients' needs for face recognition and person re-identification.

Furthermore, Nexdata ensures clients receive high-quality and cost-effective ground truth data with its 10+ years of data processing experience, comprehensive project management protocols, and safety and quality control system. Their data solution is trusted by a diverse array of clients across multiple sectors, including Bosch, Meta, NVIDIA, Amazon, and ByteDance.

For more information on how Nexdata unleashes the potential of AI through its proven data solutions, please visit:

About Nexdata

Nexdata provides top-notch training data solutions and serves as your reliable partner. With an extensive array of off-the-shelf datasets and flexible data collection and annotation services, their mission revolves around unleashing AI's full potential and expediting the AI industry's growth.

Nexdata firmly believes in the transformative power of AI. At Nexdata, they deliver high-quality data solutions to clients in various industries, including automotive, retail, finance, high-tech, and others, allowing customers' AI initiatives to thrive and benefit humanity.

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