NextDay Inspect Helps Home Inspectors Go Above and Beyond with Environmental Testing Training and Certification

NextDay Inspect is dedicated to providing their home inspectors everything they need to grow and succeed. To this end, they provide environmental testing training and certification to all interested home inspectors.

As demand rises in the home inspection industry, potential homeowners are looking for more ways to make sure their new home is healthy and safe. Environmental testing is in increasingly high demand among home buyers and homeowners alike. NextDay Inspect is addressing this need by training and certifying their inspectors in a suite of environmental testing expertise. With expert tutelage from their master inspector, home inspectors at NextDay Inspect benefit from a partnership with a company dedicated to their continued growth and experience.

"We believe that home inspectors are best served by being equipped to provide a comprehensive array of services to clients and the community," explains Khaled Alkurd, a manager for training at NextDay Inspect. "NextDay Inspect puts a priority on providing our inspectors with these invaluable tools."

NextDay Inspect is dedicated to making sure home inspectors partnered with them are fully equipped and supported to provide professional, expert, high-quality inspections and environmental tests. When training is completed, NextDay Inspect sponsors and supports inspectors for acquiring required state licensing and certification for expanded services. Once fully trained and certified, inspectors are prepared to begin offering these improved capabilities to a market that needs them.

Mold testing is one among many areas in which a home inspector gains training and certification. Clients often have concerns due to moisture readings taken during a home inspection. The natural next step in these cases is to get these areas of concern tested for potential bio-growth. A trained inspector is prepared to discuss with the client the potential for mold at first notice during the inspection, and immediately provide them with the assistance they need moving forward. This also means that the home buyer can expect results more quickly than if they had to wait until receiving their report to begin testing. The immediacy of information and response from a trained inspector can be invaluable to a client looking to be sure of the safety and health of their home.

Be it a newly constructed home to a buyer's specifications, or a more mature building in a historic district, or anything in between, radon gas is an ever-present environmental concern that home buyers often want to be fully informed about. EPA Guidelines suggest testing for radon gas collection in a home a minimum of once every five years, and during the home buying process is a perfect time to make sure that information is as up-to-date as possible. Trained inspectors with NextDay Inspect can begin testing during their home inspection, which makes scheduling such things significantly easier for clients. Retrieval of testing equipment and delivery of results can then be aided by the rest of the environmental testing team, making it a seamless process both for the client and the inspector.

Especially in cities with historic areas like Washington DC, Arlington Virginia, Baltimore Maryland, and others, the presence of lead paint can be a crucial factor in the decision-making process. A growing family does not want to be left unaware that a property they are considering moving into includes a toxic element in the environment, particularly one dangerous to younger children. Inspectors with NextDay Inspect are trained in the proper methods for lead sample acquisition, identification, transport, and more so that clients can rest assured that their lab-tested results are fully accurate and safe. The safety and service of their clients remain an utmost priority at NextDay Inspect, and they aim to equip their inspectors with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure both.

While the previously mentioned fields of environmental testing are important, they are by no means the entirety of the areas in which NextDay Inspect operates. Inspectors can avail themselves of training in even more environmental areas to best match the needs of clients, including air quality, water quality, asbestos, and more. The company offers a comprehensive array of environmental testing options to clients and trains their inspectors accordingly.

With the backing of a company predicated upon quality, NextDay Inspect home inspectors can rest easy knowing they are receiving training they can use to better provide for themselves and their clients. Not only do these expanded capabilities increase the services inspectors can perform, but it makes them more desirable for their inspection services as well. Inspectors with training in environmental testing can assist clients with a wider range of concerns, making them an invaluable resource to prospective home buyers. Further, Clients prefer having one inspector capable of addressing all their needs, rather than having to wrangle a cadre of individual experts going in and out of their property.

The company has seen marked growth since expanding offered environmental services, with an uptick of clients reflecting their environmental services offered. The community appears to be responding positively to these efforts, as well. Home Inspectors with NextDay Inspect have become highly sought experts in their fields, with the full support of a company dedicated to meeting and exceeding those expectations.

NextDay Inspect is always looking to meet talented home inspectors dedicated to serving their community. Any home inspectors interested in joining their team are welcome to reach out to them here.

About NextDay Inspect:
NextDay Inspect proudly serves the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC areas for home inspection and environmental testing needs. Their InterNACHI and ASHI certified inspectors are equipped to meet, surpass, and set industry-wide standards. Headquartered in Sterling, Virginia, the company's professional staff is available seven days a week to provide the highest quality home inspection and environmental testing to their clients.

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