Nicomama Founder Li Danyang Named to Forbes China Top 50 KOLs List

Nicomama Founder Li Danyang Named to Forbes China Top 50 KOLs List

HANGZHOU, China, Oct. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Li Danyang, founder of Hangzhou ZhiChong Network Technology Limited Company, was named to Forbes China's Top 50 KOLs list. Also on the list are top cosmetics social selling influencer Li Jiaqi and top ancient food and lifestyle vlogger on Youtube Li Ziqi. The 50 KOLs are mainly from five sectors, including maternity and baby products, cosmetics, fashion, e-sports and lifestyle.

Hangzhou ZhiChong Network Technology Limited Company ("Nicomama"), established in July 31, 2014, currently serves more than 20 million users across the internet. It is an internet maternity and baby products company that integrates parenting knowledge, early and preschool education, and e-commerce, targeting Chinese moms with children aged between 0 and 6.

In 2016, Nicomama established ZiCon Trade (HK) Limited (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hangzhou ZhiChong Network Technology Limited Company), which is mainly responsible for Nicomama's cross-border e-commerce business and the internationalization of the Nicomama maternity and baby products brand. Nicomama is the company's registered trademark and the Nicomama High View Baby Stroller has been patented in China. Currently, Nicomama offers a series of items under the trademark such as tissue paper, textile products, stroller, baby & children's furniture, paper diaper and supplementary feeding tools, with bestselling products including Nicomama Super Soft Nose Paper, Nicomama Paper Diaper and Nicomama Smart Sonic Toothbrush.

Milestones of Nicomama

On July 31, 2014, Nicomama founder Li Danyang published the first parenting article on its official WeChat account niangao-mama.

In the second half of 2015, Nicomama received an angel round from Matrix Partners China and Purple Bull Startups.

In 2016, Nicomama received tens of millions of yuan in A-round from Matrix Partners China and Purple Bull Startups.

In January 2017, Nicomama received 60 million in B-round from Matrix Partners China and Purple Bull Startups.

On September 12, 2018, Nicomama announced having completed a B+ round of over 100 million yuan from Fosun International.

In May 2018, Nicomama launched its "Early Education Box" home education product, which achieved 20 million yuan in sales in the first month.

In March 2019, Nicomama founder Li Danyang was enrolled into the fifth class of Alibaba's Hupan University, with classmates including Li Xiang of and Dai Kun of

Products and services of Nicomama

Nicomama has multiple sub-brands and products including Nicomama Parenting app, Nicomama Early Education Box, Nicomama E-commerce and Nicomama Maternity and Baby Products.

Among them, Nicomama app has sections including parenting courses (video/audio), store, early education, and supplementary feeding and nutrition. It provides services which help Chinese moms solve various challenges they may encounter on their parenting journey.

In May 2018, Nicomama launched its first independently developed early education product, Early Education Box, which offers professional and convenient at-home education services for children. Currently, Early Education Box has more than 30,000 subscribers.

In E-commerce, Nicomama started with group-buying schemes for individual items and, as it works to meet more diversified needs of users, has gradually established its own supply chain system with 100% traceability for all items sold on its platform. After years of E-commerce operations, Nicomama has established its branded product lineup with better quality control and after-sales support. It is committed to providing even better products for more than 20 million Chinese moms and Chinese babies.

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