Nimblegames' Incremental 3D Action RPG 'Jeonsaengbubon' Released at Taiwan Google Play

GUMI, South Korea, Oct. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile RPG 'Jeonsaengbubon' of Nimblegames was released at the Google Play store in Taiwan on October 8th.

Taiwan Google Play Released Incremental 3D Action RPG ‘Jeonsaengbubon’
Taiwan Google Play Released Incremental 3D Action RPG ‘Jeonsaengbubon’

'Jeonsaengbubon' was included in the list of final 20 games at 2017 Google Indie Games Festival and got much attention before the release. 'Jeonsaengbubon' was released on March 23rd in South Korea and provided service successfully since then. It was on the recommended games list in Google Play South Korea around August.

'Jeonsaengbubon' is an incremental 3D action RPG that has gotten recognition for its creativity. It provides users an eye-catching graphic and pleasure of collecting with a creature summoning system.

Also, 'Jeonsaengbubon' gives users much pleasure of collecting their own special items such as changing characters' appearance with items. It plans to introduce reincarnation system for users to continuously enjoy themselves. Contents to be added later are PVP, enhanced dungeon, and capturing characteristics of 'Jeonsaengbubon'

"We have adapted to global market with our 'IDLE Warriors'.  For 'Jeonsaengbubon',  we have put much efforts in the system's language to optimize its success in Taiwan market." One official of Nimblegames said.

"Game is a created content with users." He continued to share his ambitions, "From now on, We will be showing more fun and diversified games for game loving people in Taiwan."

'Jeonsaengbubon' can be downloaded in Play Store.  

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Person in charge : Incheol Cho
Contact number : 010-4933-3557
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