Nippon Express' East Asia Region Launches BCP Solutions in Response to Logistics Restrictions Imposed in Wake of Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

TOKYO, March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The East Asia Region of Nippon Express Co., Ltd. has begun providing BCP solutions utilizing a full range of transport modes to cope with the various restrictions that have been imposed on logistics within China since the novel coronavirus outbreak began.


The spread of novel coronavirus infections has seriously impeded logistics in China, with the number of flights to/from and within the country reduced substantially, restrictions placed on truck traffic between provinces/cities and restrictions imposed on loading/unloading cargo at international railway stations within China.

At the behest of its customers, Nippon Express provides BCP solutions by developing alternate routes and utilizing/combining various transport modes to help customers maintain their business operations.

  1. "SEA&AIR Service from China to Europe via Japan"
  2. "Collaborative Service with China-Europe and China Domestic Railways"
  3. "SEA&RAIL Service to/from Inland China Utilizing New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (Eastbound Corridor, Southbound Corridor)"
  4. "Service Utilizing Coastal Shipping Between Coastal Cities"

Nippon Express remains committed to contributing to society through logistics as a global logistics company.

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