Niwodai Seeks Partners for Fintech-driven Expansion into Southeast Asia

SHANGHAI, May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Niwodai, one of the largest Chinese P2P lending companies, is said to be seeking a path into Southeast Asia, according to sources. The company is in frequent contact with potential partners, looking to map out a proper route to advancing their business, of which financial technology is the most powerful tool. Considering the challenges that most Chinese fintech companies have faced, proper cooperation with a local partner should be a win-win situation.

Niwodai is a pioneering P2P lending platform in China, providing online credit microlending services and connecting qualified individual borrowers with lenders. Shortly before, its parent company announced its delisting from the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) in China, seeking new strategic development in both the domestic and overseas markets.

Over the last two years, it has been a trend that Chinese P2P companies and fintech giants advance their business into Southeast Asia, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Lufax. Within this tide of companies going overseas, finance and technology are the common shared characteristics, especially in combination as fintech.

Compared to countries in Southeast Asia, fintech in China started much earlier and developed more maturely. Masses of users, vast trading data, and diverse business models helped Chinese fintech grow to be one of the most vigorous markets in the world.

Take Niwodai for instance, which leverages massive data resources and intelligent risk-management models to match borrowers and lenders and improve financial efficiency. The company has developed multi-dimensional risk management products for government, financial institutions, internet finance companies and e-commerce platforms to prevent fraud risk, overborrowing risk, etc, including its AI-supported credit information system.

Credit system and fintech are the core strategic resources of these Chinese online credit lending companies, while not being familiar with Southeast Asian markets is their main shortcoming. Niwodai is also seeking local cooperative partners to reduce the uncertainty along the way.

Who its first potential customers will be; how it will cope with the realities of underdeveloped infrastructure; and what the biggest policy risks could be: these are greatest challenges for Niwodai and its Chinese peers. On the other side, Chinese fintech can help Southeast Asian companies to develop their lending market. A proper cooperation should be a win-win situation.

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