NOLO VR Released a New Mobile VR Platform for 6DoF VR Content

Brings 6DoF Positional Tracking for Gear VR & Cardboard

BEIJING, June 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- NOLO VR announced its releasing of the full version of their Mobile VR platform, NOLO HOME, for 6DoF VR content. NOLO HOME is engineered to provide a portable, yet immersive VR experience by combining the convenience of mobile gaming with the advantage of the NOLO CV1 motion tracking Kit.

NOLO Home - The World's First 6DoF Mobile VR Application Platform
NOLO Home - The World's First 6DoF Mobile VR Application Platform

NOLO HOME is a Mobile VR platform of the NOLO brand, and the world's first 6-DoF Mobile VR Application Platform for smartphones. "As smartphones are revolutionizing PCs, mobile VR is definitely the future trend," NOLO VR Founder & CEO Daoning Zhang firmly believes.

By attaching NOLO HOME + NOLO CV1 + Smartphone, users will be immersed in the virtual world, freely and wirelessly at anytime, anywhere. At the moment, the platform offers applications in the Android version for users to download and supports major mobile VR headsets like Cardboard and Gear VR. Gear VR is currently considered the best mobile VR headset. According to SuperData, a well-known market intelligence firm, Samsung sold over 8 million Gear VR headsets during the last two years. Therefore, by providing 6DoF positional tracking for Gear VR, more users will be introduced to a brand new way to have fun and immerse themselves in the VR world.

As for the supporting hardware, the NOLO team has independently conceived and patented their core technology PolarTraq™, a spatial positional tracking system which fuses optic, acoustic and radio signals. Based on PolarTraq™, NOLO team developed and already launched the world's first 6DoF mobile VR tracking kit - NOLO CV1. With exclusive portability, affordability and ease of use, NOLO CV1 enables everyone to enjoy the fully immersive mobile VR experience, which was only available with HTC Vive/Oculus Rift/Sony PSVR and other PC VR devices before.

NOLO CV1 consists of three components: a base station, a headset marker and two controllers, all of which are designed to work out of the box with major Android phones. Simply place the base station on a table, mount the headset marker on the headset, connect with your smartphone via a USB cable and calibrate the rotation of the controllers in front of the base station.

Furthermore, NOLO provides an Android SDK, Unity SDK, UE 4 SDK and Windows SDK, which can all be downloaded from NOLO's official site with related supporting documents. Developers can easily port games to NOLO HOME within a short period of time. According to NOLO, nearly 100 VR developers from around the world already took part in NOLO content development and worked on porting their existing 6DoF VR games to the NOLO HOME platform through NOLO SDK. It also includes a comprehensive global payment system for customers to purchase preferred games and for developers to receive profits. NOLO's mobile VR ecosystem and its empowerment to VR headsets will possibly bring new growth points to the VR hardware and content industry.

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