Notice Posted Regarding Legal Prohibition on the Transfer of Certain Shares of WEH

BANGKOK, November 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

On November 8 2017, Symphony Partners Limited, Next Global Investments Limited and Dynamic Link Ventures Limited (the "Companies") placed a Notice in the Financial Times and several other international and Thai media.  The Notice is reproduced below.  

The Notice informs the public that approximately 59.4 percent of the shares of WEH, the well-known Thai wind energy company, have been frozen by an international arbitral tribunal pending resolution of the ongoing dispute involving the controlling shareholders of WEH.

It is important to note that the WEH shares which are subject to the freezing order are those listed in the Notice shown below, not any other shares of WEH. Any information which contradicts the said fact as may be reported in any media was not released under authorization by the Companies and their legal counsel. 

The Notice further requests that persons having information relating to transactions involving those shares provide such information to the Companies at, and offers a reward for information that is helpful to the Companies' efforts to recover the sums they are due.

The award specifies that tribunal's order is necessary to prevent irremediable harm to the Companies.


The transfer of the following numbered shares of Wind Energy Holding Co., Ltd. (WEH), a company registered with the Thai Ministry of Commerce under number 0105552008501:

Share Numbers
11232507 to 27914506
35817507 to 50000000
66552506 to
640007 to 690006
50610006 to 50660005
101089417 to
33980137 to 34138082
34138087 to 34285503

has been prohibited pursuant to an award issued by an international arbitral tribunal under the rules of the ICC on 22 September 2017.

Any person contemplating the transfer of such shares is hereby informed that such shares are the subject matter of an International Chamber of Commerce arbitration freezing order under cases No 21612 and No 21790 forbidding their alienation in any way. This prohibition also covers any financial transaction in relation to these WEH shares, such as receiving such shares as collateral in exchange for any form of financing. The prohibition also covers all of the shares of KPN Energy (Thailand).

The transfer of these shares is prohibited by or to any person, including, without limitation, KPN Energy (Thailand) (KPN ET, formerly known as Renewable Energy Corporation or REC), Mr. Nop Narongdej, Mr. Nuttawut Phowborom, Mrs. Emma Collins, Mr. Aman Lakhaney, Mrs. Khadija Siddique and Mr. Thun Reansuwan.

Any person who has knowledge of any such transaction or attempted transaction that has occurred prior to or after the date of the award is requested to immediately report any information relating to such transaction or attempted transaction to the following email address: Failure to report may constitute evidence of complicity. Any person providing material written evidence of transfers in violation of the order may be entitled to a significant reward (THB 10 million or more, depending on the quality of the evidence and its utility in assisting Claimants in recovering sums due).

This announcement is made for the benefit of Symphony Partners Limited, Next Global Investments Limited and Dynamic Link Ventures who are the claimants in the arbitration and the beneficiaries of the freezing order.

For further information please contact:

LS Horizon
Attention: Mr. Prechaya Ebrahim
Tel: +66-2-627-3443