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Octopus Deploy acquires Dist to power cloud-native software deployments

Octopus Deploy acquires Dist to power cloud-native software deployments
  • Continuous deployment orchestration software company, Octopus Deploy, announces acquisition of Dist, a cloud-native container registry solution.
  • Dist's technology will provide seamless container registry experience to Octopus Deploy customers
  • Brisbane-based company's first acquisition since USD$172.5m capital raise from Insight Partners

BRISBANE, Australia, Jan. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Octopus Deploy, a leading provider of continuous deployment orchestration software, today announced that it has acquired Dist, a Sydney-based cloud-native container registry and artifact repository service.

Over the past decade, container technology that seamlessly deploys software to any computing environment has exploded in popularity. These containers package everything required to run software, from the executable program, systems tools, libraries and settings, simplifying the deployment process so that applications can run on any operating system without the need for extensive revisions to operate.

In the Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report, 49% of organizations surveyed said they are currently using containerized applications in public clouds, and a further 39% are either currently experimenting with or plan to use containerized applications.

The acquisition and integration of Dist will make deploying cloud-native applications with Octopus even more seamless. Customers will also be able to deploy applications faster, meet their compliance objectives with retention policies and minimize storage costs for cloud-native apps.

Octopus Deploy CEO and co-founder Paul Stovell said that Dist's technology and expertise would be central to the company's platform as it continues to build out its public and on-premises cloud functionality.

Octopus Deploy met with Dist back in October last year, and immediately noticed a lot of similarities between the two companies. Just like Octopus Deploy, Dist was entirely bootstrapped by its two Sydney-based founders, Yun Huang Yong and Stephen Haynes, who will both join Octopus Deploy as cloud architects within its cloud division. The Dist brand will also be merged into Octopus Deploy.

"In the past, if we identified functionality that was missing in Octopus Deploy, our first instinct would have been to spin up a team of engineers to develop that functionality, but as we're growing and maturing we realize, starting from scratch in-house won't always be the best way to serve our customers," said Stovell.

"Together with the Dist team, we will make it even easier for software teams to deliver more features and reduce downtime, and with less effort to manage. I am delighted to welcome the Dist team to Octopus Deploy and can't wait to see what we build together!"

Following the announcement in April 2021 that Insight Partners has invested USD$172.5 million, Octopus Deploy has also gone from strength-to-strength, growing revenue by 60% in 2021 and more than doubling staff headcount to 179 people.

About Octopus Deploy

Founded in 2012, Octopus Deploy helps DevOps teams at over 25,000 companies accelerate reliable, repeatable, and traceable deployments across clouds and on-prem infrastructure. Octopus provides an API-first approach, built-in multi-tenancy, security, release management, deployment and runbook automation across all teams, projects, and tech stacks. Our customers get best practices with access to 500+ automation step templates. Octopus also integrates with hundreds of technologies, including Azure, AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes. Companies use Octopus Deploy to minimize downtime, deliver more features and meet their compliance needs.

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