HONG KONG, April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DocPro Services Limited ("DocPro") is pleased to announce the official launch of AWEsum Care Mobile Application, to help people in need to create Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Directive legal templates on 1 April 2022.

DocPro provides an online platform for adults (in particular the elderly) to create Will, Advance Directives and Enduring Power of Attorney documents (together the "ACP Documents") at an affordable price. With the ageing population in Hong Kong (2 million people over 60), these are essential documents all elderly should have for emergencies and their peace of mind. DocPro's mission is to increase the penetration rate of these ACP Documents in Hong Kong. 

The 3 ACP Documents available on the AWEsum Care mobile application are:

  1. Will – instructions on distribution of properties after one dies, allows the executor to take control of the estate immediately and minimise potential dispute between family members. Most of the adult population does not have a will.
  2. Advance Directives – directions on medical preferences in the event a person becomes incapacitated and unable to communicate his / her wishes. Less than 10,000 advance directives have been registered with the Hospital Authority.
  3. Enduring Power of Attorney – allow someone to take over a person's financial affairs in case of incapacitation or lack the mental capacity. Only around 3,000 enduring power of attorneys have been registered with the High Court.

About DocPro - DocPro is social enterprise consisting of a team of dedicated documents professionals with a passion for making quality documents and legal contract templates accessible to the public. DocPro was launched in April 2020 and has over 150,000 monthly users and more than 2,000 documents online.

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