Officially Launched ABCC PRO Gets the Edge

HONG KONG, CHINA / TAIPEI, TAIWAN -  Media OutReach  - 30 October 2018 -  T he ABCC E xchange has made version upgrade, and the new version of ABCC PRO is officially launched today .

The new version has been optimized in varies aspects, especially in terms of its professionalism, including the deep modification of transaction page, which contributes to the increasing of information content by more than 50%. New content in the page includes: transaction depth information; total amount of related assets. Meanwhile, order-pinned function is newly added for directly view of the order position, and bid-ask spreads checking is also accessible. It completely reaches the requirement of information-centralized presentation in a orderly way, which will be of great help to those investors with limit order.

New version has also been improved in regard to user experience, including the addition of night mode, full-screen mode, and the optimization of K-line display. Combined with the favorable image of original page, the overall perception has largely elevated.

According to the ABCC product team, this upgrade has further enhanced the security and stability of the platform.

This upgrade is the one with largest optimization scale since the launch of the ABCC E xchange in April , the main goal of which is to make it more suit able for the us ing habits of professional investors and to provide a better transaction experience. The core competitiveness of platform s is to provide a good and secure transaction experience together with valuable investment targets.

From the perspective of new version perception of users , ABCC is ahead of other competitors at the product level. In the follow-up , the version update of the ABCC PRO will keep continu ing , and functions such as fund investment , call and put option investment will also be launched in the next 1-2 weeks . These improvements will intensively enrich the investment target s in the platform .

T o encourage more investors to use ABCC PRO, the platform offers 13USDT for new users. That is, before October 31st, any new user signing up via this link ( ) and completing real-name authentication can get 3USDT reward . Topping up 100USDT or more through the official website's currency transaction portal can get 5USDT reward . And if you make a transaction of over 50USDT on the day of signing up, y ou can also get 5USDT reward.