OK to play office politics

OK to play office politics

Does office politics make you feel like you're compromising your values in order to get things done?

Studies show the answer you give may depend on your gender.

Researchers from the Center for Creative Leadership have found that many women managers view office politics as "evil".

They see it as gaining advantages at the expense of others and contrary to the interests of the broader organisation.

For women who have this negative view of office politics, it can be difficult - even painful - to engage in political behaviour.

Studies show that men, on the other hand, tend to be more involved in political processes and regard them as a natural and normal part of organisational life.

Through our work with organisations around the globe, we have come to believe that the men have it right.

Politics is a natural part of life in virtually any organisation.

Being politically savvy doesn't have to mean you want someone else to lose in order for you to win, and it isn't about being false and inauthentic.

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