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Okendo Connect Launches To Empower Shopify Sellers To Collect Actionable Customer Data

Okendo Connect Launches To Empower Shopify Sellers To Collect Actionable Customer Data

Okendo's Customer Intelligence Solution Collects Actionable Insights Across The Online Buying Journey

MIAMI, Sept. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Okendo, the customer marketing platform for ecommerce brands, today launched its new customer intelligence solution, Okendo Connect. This addition to Okendo's integrated product suite enables ecommerce brands to collect customer insights at scale so they can deliver more personalized and frictionless commerce experiences.

The launch of Okendo Connect comes as ecommerce brands face a patchwork of complexities, including a shift to a more privacy-centric web, the disruption of traditional targeting strategies, evolving consumer expectations for personalized experiences, and increasing advertising costs. As a result, it's more important than ever for brands to collect and leverage zero-party data — data that is shared directly and proactively by consumers with the permission to use it for future marketing purposes. Ecommerce brands utilizing zero-party data can fuel more personalized and effective campaigns that build stronger customer connections and scale their business.

"Our mission has always been to help ecommerce brands build stronger customer relationships," said Matthew Goodman, Co-Founder and CEO of Okendo. "The launch of Okendo Connect is an extension of that mission and further deepens our ability to give brands access to the data they need to get a full view into the journeys their customers are taking while using that insight to scale their businesses."

Okendo Connect powers zero-party marketing strategies by enabling merchants to engage website visitors and customers at peak moments of engagement. Features include on-site micro-surveys triggered by specific shopper actions or characteristics, post-purchase surveys that enjoy 50%+ response rates, and post-review actions that encourage customers to complete additional actions. In addition, with shareable links to hosted surveys that can be delivered across channels (social, email, SMS), Okendo Connect allows for continuous customer insight collection that yields hyper-relevant targeting and drives maximum response rates.

Intelligence Powered Use Cases for Okendo Connect, includes:

  • Profile Enrichment
    Enrich customer profiles with zero-party data including identity, demographic, preference, behavior and intent data.
  • Customer Experience Management
    Continuously measure brand loyalty and customer satisfaction with best-in-class frameworks such as NPS, CES and CSAT.
  • Marketing Attribution
    Generate a continual stream of accurate and actionable marketing attribution insights sourced directly from customers.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
    Discover conversion drivers and blockers, measure their impact on buying behaviors and monitor the impact of CRO experiments and website changes.
  • Shopper Acquisition
    Acquire qualified shoppers by converting engaged consumer audiences from social media platforms into permissioned marketing contacts that you own through surveys, polls and giveaways.
  • Market Research
    Stay ahead of the game with the latest insights into market trends, consumer behaviors and competitive landscapes.

"Using Okendo Connect's multiple survey distribution channels, advanced audience targeting and powerful reporting capabilities, we were able to establish a standardized method for measuring NPS in just minutes, while uncovering powerful insights into the top drivers of customer loyalty," said Jessica Cervellon, Head of Customer Experience at mission-driven snacking brand, Feastables.

Okendo Connect accompanies Okendo's flagship Reviews product which is currently used by brands like Nomad and Knix. Okendo Reviews helps brands increase conversions and drive more sales by leveraging social proof and enabling customer advocacy. Shoppers that interact with Okendo's reviews widget are 4x more likely to buy.

About Okendo 
Okendo is a customer marketing platform that enables brands to grow faster and more efficiently by building stronger customer relationships. Using Okendo, brands can gain actionable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, drive customer advocacy and deliver more personalized customer experiences. Founded in 2018, Okendo is trusted by 6,000+ of Shopify's fastest-growing brands including SKIMS, 1st Phorm and Magic Spoon and is proudly backed by leading venture partners at Index Ventures, Base10 and Craft. For more information about Okendo, visit

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