Olive and Latte Globeshop is Here

SINGAPORE, March 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Olive and Latte Globeshop, the eshop of Olive and Latte ABS (arts, bites, shop), is about a little eshop around the corner, engaging with accessories and items such as books and art pieces from around the globe.

It is another way of describing things differently, personalizing the shopping experience, and purchasing items suitable for the Globeshop girlfriend, boyfriend, family member or those who could not have found the time to shop. "It has been a fun and heart filled inspiring journey working on Olive and Latte ABS, which started as a content generation and share network platform and has now expanded to the extension which is Olive and Latte Globeshop, selling accessories, artwork, books that inspire and things that mean something to us," says Sharon Vu, founder and owner of Public Relations and Marketing consultancy Vu Marcoms and a suite of companies such as Olive and Latte ABS, engagevu and Elab Perspectives Collab. 

"When we launched on 7 February 2018, we still didn't have certain items on our checklist available, and we are glad we now have the honour of having a Senior Advisor on the team, Mr Markus Flamman who is a Procurement Professional and Partner in Portfolio as well as Cips (Cips.org) Singapore Branch Committee member. We are seeking his advice for the start up, Olive and Latte ABS, which started in 2014 and the eGlobeshop Olive and Latte recently in February 2018.  Markus Flamman with his previous years of experience within the banking, oil & gas and hospitality industries will bring extensive media, digital and procurement expertise for us to grow our start up together, especially with his consultative advice and approach in the digital economy," says Sharon Vu.

The pieces such as memorabilia are curated, and Olive and Latte is now getting their "Shoppers" to tell their stories about their favourite items. Olive and Latte ABS will purchase the pieces and accessories from the shoppers and, at the same time, share their experiences of the items, most notably their shopping joys and preferences to quirks.

Their "Artists" are featured with a good mix of talents from Andy Yang, the very first Asian artist to be featured on Olive and Latte, and his piece on "Lyrical Proportions" and what inspired him on the piece of work.

And Magda Knap - A Dutch artist (1939) with Indonesian roots, whose works are currently the trending topic in the Chinese WeChat scene. Her works that are available for the Asian market will be showcased in April 2018 on http://OliveandLatte.com

Magda Knap the Dutch artist, who has been producing paintings since the sixties, runs numerous art exhibitions in Amsterdam, Gouda and many other Dutch cities in various museums, has garnered a following.  All paintings are oil paintings on canvas.

Olive and Latte has "Biz Innovators" coming up so look forward to mentions on who they are and by signing up for alerts on http://OliveandLatte.com.

"We hope Sharon Vu and her collaborators of Shoppers, Artists and Biz Innovators will continue to make her site engaging and as a community for her to bring more products in, especially for the buyers, and we understand she will have monthly themes and seasonal things to look forward to," says Markus Flamman, advisor to Vu Marcoms, Olive and Latte ABS, engagevu and Elab Perspective Collab.

Olive and Latte ABS' name was coined with a belief, that sometimes people can simply have a quick chat over coffee or tea or work over good food and drinks, and with that, great ideas can possibly be generated.

For more enquiries, please email contact@oliveandlatte.com Visit http://oliveandlatte.com http://oliveandlatteabs.com

About Olive and Latte ABS

Olive and Latte ABS started in 2014 as an online content generation and sharing of stories across social networks and platforms. Olive and Latte eGlobeshop, a shop around the corner, was launched on 7 Feb 2018, as an extension and an ecart to describe memorabilia and items from across the globe curated by Olive and Latte with Artists, Shoppers and Biz Innovators. The items have interesting and engaging stories behind them, or sometimes retail therapy as people travel and get away.

Olive and Latte Plug and Play is an engagement service where they plug into companies in functions to assist and engage, for Public Relations, Marketing and more, with their core of Publicists, Communicators and Marketers.

For more information, please contact:

Sharon Vu  Marketing & Communications  HRS -- Asia   Mobile: +65 8138 6913 Email: sharonvu@vumarcoms.comMarketing.sg@hrs.com  

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