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Olympus announces acquisition of FH ORTHO, an international orthopedics company in France

Tokyo/Hamburg, Nov 2, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - Olympus Corporation (Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO: Yasuo Takeuchi) today announced that it has acquired FH ORTHO SAS, an international orthopedic company headquartered in Heimsbrunn, France, following the close of a definitive agreement the two companies signed in the summer of 2020. The acquisition underscores Olympus' commitment to expanding in the growing field of orthopedic minimally invasive surgery (MIS) both organically and through mergers and acquisitions, with the overarching goal of developing innovative solutions that improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance quality of life for patients.

By acquiring FH ORTHO, Olympus builds on its portfolio of innovative and patient-focused solutions that are used in MIS procedures in ligament repair, foot & ankle, and trauma surgery.

Olympus is already active in orthopedics in Japan, where its joint venture Olympus Terumo Biomaterials Corp. distributes products such as bone substitutes and high tibial osteotomy (HTO) plates and screws. Beyond this, Olympus has also developed the first ultrasound device indicated for arthroscopic surgery, supporting more accurate and safer cutting of bones.

The acquisition of FH ORTHO will strengthen Olympus group's sales channels by enabling it to expand the distribution of both Olympus' orthopedic products via FH ORTHO's existing distribution channels, as well as to sell certain FH ORTHO key products in Japan.

By expanding its distribution network, Olympus will reinforce its position as a leading global medtech company as it continues to innovate and create solutions across all areas of the MIS workflow.

"We are pleased to integrate FH ORTHO's product portfolio, market reach and talented people to our orthopedics business," says Toshihiko Okubo, Senior Vice President, New Business Development, Global at Olympus. "By combining FH ORTHO's expertise and its excellent business presence with our products and solutions for the minimally invasive orthopedics surgery, the benefit of our offer to the patients and healthcare professionals will be further enhanced across the world."

Jean-Marc Idier, CEO of FH ORTHO, comments, "The FH ORTHO team very positively welcomes the arrival of Olympus as a recognition of our ongoing efforts and past accomplishments, whilst providing us with new means to accelerate the next phase of our international expansion."


FH ORTHO develops and manufactures orthopedic devices and instruments for surgeons around the world. Founded in Mulhouse, France in 1964, FH ORTHO is represented in over 37 countries, with products focused on joint reconstruction, ligament repair, biologics, foot & ankle, and trauma surgery. R&D and factory are based in Quimper, France. Backed by 55 years of forward-thinking innovation in devices, techniques and product delivery, the company today is positioned for rapid expansion globally.

With an unrelenting commitment to innovation, research and collaboration, FH ORTHO continues to bring new ideas and techniques to advance the forefront of orthopedics globally. FH ORTHO products are developed and refined by surgeon experts who are among the world leaders in their respective fields. Prized for elegant design and distinguished by clinical sophistication and flexibility, FH ORTHO products help surgeons deliver ideal patient outcomes with devices, systems and tools that simplifies patient management for the surgeon, at an overall cost structure that is a benefit to the entire patient continuum of care.

About Olympus' Medical business

Olympus' Medical business uses innovative capabilities in medical technology, therapeutic intervention, and precision manufacturing to help healthcare professionals deliver diagnostic, therapeutic, and minimally invasive procedures to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs, and enhance the quality of life for patients. Olympus' Medical portfolio includes endoscopes, laparoscopes, and video imaging systems, as well as surgical energy devices, system integration solutions, medical services, and a wide range of endotherapy instruments for endoscopic and therapeutic applications. For more information, visit

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