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OP Financial: Annual NAV per Share Up 23%

OP Financial: Annual NAV per Share Up 23%

Initiates the strategy upgrade and Implements cross-border integration and collaboration

Annual Results Highlights

  • Net assets value amounted to HK$5.595 billion, +91.97% YoY
  • NAV per share amounted to HK$1.90, +23.38% YoY
  • Total comprehensive income amounted to HK$196 million
  • Profit for the Year amounted to HK$143 million
  • Proposed final dividend of HK 4 cents per share

HONG KONG, June 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- OP Financial Limited ("OP Financial" or "the Company") (stock code: 1140) along with its subsidiaries ("the Group"), announced its 2017/2018 annual results for the year ended 31 March 2018 (the "Year").

Results Review

Given full play to the competence of investing across borders and sectors, OP Financial has actively captured the opportunity and speeded the way to new investments. During the Year, the investment portfolio has delivered a satisfactory performance. The Group recorded the profit of HK$143.42 million, and the other comprehensive income amounted to HK$52.73 million. Overall, the total comprehensive income of the Group amounted to approximately HK$196.15 million. During the Year, OP Financial's net asset value per share amounted to HK$1.90, representing a YoY growth of 23.38% compared to HK$1.54 last year.

Given the successful divestments and satisfactory performance during the Year, the Board recommend the payment of a final dividend of HK4 cents (2017: HK4 cents) per share to continue to share the value with the shareholders.

Strategy Upgrade and Prospect

OP Financial initiates the upgrade of its overall strategic planning in 2018. The Group has implicit faith in the long-term growth of the Chinese economy. Numerous great world-class enterprises will be born in China, while OP Financial has a mission to discover these enterprises, participate in a genuine development with them, and create long-term capital appreciation for shareholders.

OP Financial divides its investments into three strategies for better implementation of the overall strategic planning.

The first strategy is the long-term core holding, which focuses on the companies with high potential for growth. OP Financial will provide long-term capital to support these companies to achieve their strategic objectives, while in return, creating the capital gain for shareholders. The second strategy is to build add-on deals through private equity and venture capital funds, to invest in either the upstream, the downstream or the surrounding business of the core holding companies. OP Financial expects to empower the ecosystem of the core holding companies and create medium-to-short-term investment returns for shareholders. The third strategy derives from short-term cross-border financing demands of the core holding companies, the relative investees, and the surrounding companies. OP Financial will leverage its advantage to provide near-term funding support for these enterprises and generates income from the spread between prices, interest rates or currency rates.

During the Year, the new investments of the Group generally reflect the investment philosophy mentioned above, including its cooperation with China Everbright Securities International, Beijing Enterprises Water Group Limited, and Central China Real Estate Ltd, to invest in sectors with enormous potential such as finance, internet plus, consumption upgrade and environmental protection.

Against the backdrop of "China Manufacturing 2025" and "Health China 2030", OP Financial will focus on industries which contribute to the real economy, such as advanced manufacturing, high-tech, environmental protection, medical, and education. Among which, OP Financial has seen the value embedded in the great healthcare industry. A gradual improvement of the healthcare system covering whole life cycle, with reasonable structure and comprehensiveness, will continuously unleash the potential of the sector.

Zhang Gaobo, Chief Executive Officer of OP Financial, said: "Mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation are our core value. We have always been a long-term partner of capital and entrepreneurs. We successfully introduced institutional investors, the People's Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited and China Merchant Bank International, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs to optimize the shareholder structure. We believe that the participation of strategic shareholders will not only strengthen the capital base but also improve corporate governance, expand deal sources and achieve win-win results."

Commenting on the future development, Zhang Gaobo said: "We will continue the implementation of our strategy and carry out cross-border integration and collaboration. As a listed investment platform, we will make the most of the patient capital, multiple financing instruments, and the most suitable capital structure, to generate a long-term return for shareholders. Meanwhile, we will also capture the short-term gains and maintain certain liquidity at a proper level."

Full details of the 2017/2018 annual results have been posted on the designated website of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited at and the corporate website at

About OP Financial Limited

OP Financial Limited (01140.HK) is a cross-border, cross-sector and cross-cycle investment company that listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. OP Financial has strong capability of investment, financing and industry consolidation, while its investment portfolios cover many listed and unlisted company across geographies and industries. According to the investment cycle, OP Financial builds portfolios with long-term core holding projects, medium-term private equity and venture capital funds and short-term arbitrage project, which are tailored to create steady returns for the shareholders. In 2017, OP Financial introduced strategic investors into the Company including the People's Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited and CMB International, and was included as a constituent of Hong Kong Index of MSCI Small Cap Index, Hang Seng Composite SmallCap Index, and Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, which enhanced its market influence.

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