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Opsera and Octopus Deploy Partner to Help Organizations Accelerate DevOps Adoption and Overall Software Delivery Management

Opsera and Octopus Deploy Partner to Help Organizations Accelerate DevOps Adoption and Overall Software Delivery Management

Opsera and Octopus Deploy combine no-code DevOps orchestration with continuous deployment automation to launch software delivery teams into modern DevOps practices simply and easily

SAN FRANCISCO, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Opsera, the Continuous Orchestration platform for DevOps, today announces its partnership with Octopus Deploy. With this integration, software delivery teams can quickly, securely, and seamlessly create a no-code orchestration layer for end-to-end software supply chain management.

Learn more about the Opsera and Octopus Deploy integration by attending this free webinar on April 12, 2022:

Today, organizations face the complexity of deploying applications across multiple clouds and environments to keep pace with innovation and customer demands. To address the need for deployment efficiency, Octopus provides one tool to accelerate reliable, repeatable, and traceable deployments across clouds and on-premises. However, adding an orchestration layer to deployment processes is critical to ensure continuous deployment is achieved. Expertise in multiple proprietary scripting languages, domain-specific languages, and configuration files are typically required to orchestrate delivery tasks amongst tools. Using Opsera's no-code orchestration solution reduces this complexity and allows organizations to rapidly scale DevOps processes with freedom of tool choice and fully automated deployment pipelines and workflows. Opsera also eliminates the need to write manual glue code and custom scripts.

With the Octopus and Opsera integration, users enjoy:

Increased velocity and reduced barrier to entry
Configuration as Code can be complex but Octopus offers a simple Configuration as Code solution that balances the full power of Git with the usability of Octopus. Opsera then provides further benefits by giving developers the ability to manage Octopus deployments across multiple clouds and environments in parallel (i.e. VMs, Kubernetes, EC2, AKS, EKS, Functions, serverless, database deployments, etc.) via a no-code orchestration platform.

Improved security and compliance
Octopus offers built-in manual intervention steps which Opsera extends on so software delivery teams gain reporting and tracking via a single source of truth to ensure strict audit and compliance measures are met. Opsera provides no-code scripting that lets developers insert approval gates into the pipeline process (security, quality, change management, etc.) for repeatable, auditable, and compliant software delivery.

Security and secrets management
Octopus provides built-in support for managing configuration variables and secrets that vary as software releases are promoted through environments. Opsera extends this functionality through its integration with third-party secrets management solutions like HashiCorp Vault, with support for any deployment type in just a few clicks. HashiCorp Vault secures, stores, and tightly controls access to tokens, passwords, certificates, encryption keys, custom deployment scripts, and for protecting secrets and other sensitive data. Opsera offers built-in integration to HashiCorp Vault and enables customers to integrate Vault variables to Octopus deployments quickly and securely.

Customizable reporting and metrics
It's critical that all stakeholders, from CXO to engineering and product owners, understand which KPIs to use to measure deployment success and have full visibility into those metrics. Octopus provides dashboards that show you what version of your application is deployed to what environment. Users can see who deployed which release to what environment, when they did it, and if it was successful or not. Opsera complements this with 100+ KPIs adhering to the set standards from DORA, DoD, and NIST DevSecOps metrics.

"The Opsera and Octopus integration offers the speed and control software delivery teams need to keep pace with modern DevOps," said Vishnu Vasudevan, Head of Product at Opsera. "Multi-cloud and multi-environment deployments are challenging but proliferating in the enterprise. Combining the flexibility of tool choice and no-code automation of Opsera with Octopus Deploy's exceptional deployment automation capabilities means release engineers and developers can deploy across environments faster, better and secure with strict security and compliance measures in place with 360 degree visibility from planning to operations including Value Stream Management."

"We're excited to see Opsera's integration of Octopus Deploy. This will allow customers to take advantage of Octopus Deploy's strengths in continuous deployment automation. With this new integration, software teams will be able to orchestrate their CI/CD pipelines with Octopus' deployment capabilities," said Octopus VP of Product, Colin Bowern.

Schedule a demo to see the Opsera and Octopus integration in action:

About Opsera
Opsera is the first Continuous Orchestration platform for next-gen DevOps that enables choice, automation, and intelligence across the entire software life cycle. It offers simple, self-service toolchain integrations, drag-and-drop pipelines, and unified insights. With Continuous Orchestration, development teams can use the tools they want, operations teams gain improved efficiency, and business leaders have unparalleled visibility. Opsera believes DevOps has transformed from an aspiration to a practical science, and Continuous Orchestration is the future to help organizations accelerate DevOps adoption and reach peak innovation velocity.

About Octopus
Founded in 2012, Octopus Deploy helps DevOps teams at over 25,000 companies accelerate reliable, repeatable, and traceable deployments across clouds and on-premises infrastructure. Octopus provides an API-first approach, built-in multi-tenancy, security, release management, and deployment and runbook automation across all teams, projects, and tech stacks. Our customers get best practices with access to 500+ automation step templates. Octopus also integrates with hundreds of technologies, including Azure, AWS, GCP, and Kubernetes. Companies use Octopus Deploy to minimize downtime, deliver more features, and meet their compliance needs.

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Olivia Heel
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PR Contact (Octopus):
Brendon Foye
The PR Group
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