OriCiro Genomics Launches New enzymatic DNA synthesis tool for commonly used vectors

TOKYO, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- OriCiro Genomics Inc., a pioneer in cell-free synthesis and amplification of genome-scale large DNA for advanced therapeutics and synthetic biology, today announced the launch of OriCiro® Cell-Free Switching system.

In the biological sciences, cell-based cloning and manufacturing of DNA is still the gold standard.
However, cell-based DNA methods pose many problems from time lost to slow cell-growth for researchers as well as downstream manufacturing concerns regarding low or no yield due to cytotoxic sequences and the necessity to remove host cell contaminants such as endotoxins.

OriCiro® Cell-Free Switching system allows you to quickly switch the plasmid DNA amplification from using living cells to our easy to use cell-free, enzymatic amplification system. SS OriC Cassettes can be inserted by a two-step isothermal enzymatic reaction to enable cell-free amplification within hours. The core technology is based on OriCiro Genomics' optimized in vitro propagation process based on over 20 proteins which are essential for E. coli genome propagation. The features of the OriCiro® Cell-Free Switching system are as follows:  

  • Skip primer design, and simply mix your plasmid in the tube reaction
  • Applicable to pUC-, pET- and pGEM-based vectors of 4-13 kb
  • Efficient cloning for cytotoxic sequences
  • Endotoxin free
  • Achieve up to 1 μg supercoiled DNA per 10 μL reaction

"The OriCiro® Cell-Free Switching system will allow everyone's favorite vectors to quickly become compatible with our cell-free DNA replication products in a single reaction and enables researchers to speed up and multiplex their otherwise time consuming and laborious cell-based cloning protocols." said Nasir Kato Bashiruddin, Ph.D., as Chief Technology Officer.

About OriCiro Genomics

OriCiro is focused on the development and commercialization of cell-free synthesis and amplification technology of genome-scale large DNA for applications in gene/cell-based therapy and synthetic biology. OriCiro's proprietary technology is positioned to unlock the possibility of advanced therapy and synthetic biology by providing a powerful tool used for research, development and manufacturing in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, diagnostics, agriculture and food sectors. The company is located in Tokyo, Japan.

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