Out of this world: Get Out! teams up with 3D animation studio The CG Labs to launch immersive virtual events

Out of this world: Get Out! teams up with 3D animation studio The CG Labs to launch immersive virtual events

Get Out! To Be the First to Bring True 3D to the Asian Events Industry with UK's CG Labs

SINGAPORE, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With more people working from home, companies are on the search for new ways to bring everyone together and keep the spirit of human connection alive. Live events might be off the cards for the foreseeable future, but Get Out! has another solution: with the help of UK-based 3D animation studio CG Labs, the Singapore-based events company has launched immersive virtual events to help companies build meaningful relationships -- even from afar.


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Although restrictions are lifting, it's going to be a while before it's business as usual and companies can go back to hosting in-person events. Faced with shrinking morale and mounting pressure to organise team building, companies have been turning to virtual solutions to fill the gap.

However, most platforms out there are a mash-up of existing video conferencing software platforms, repackaged as "virtual events". These come with a host of challenges, with access and security problems plaguing teams from the get-go etc., and even once everyone makes it into the platform, companies quickly discover that there's very little interaction between participants. Get Out! reimagines the future of events with authentic, engaging virtual platforms that transcend physical limitations -- allowing people to foster real connections and build meaningful relationships while working remotely.

"Current solutions are unable to replicate the type of human contact we love in live events. Our North Star has always been about bringing people together to build meaningful relationships through our events. At Get Out!, we believe that technology should enrich people's professional and personal lives, and we're confident that our virtual event platforms are just what companies need in a post-COVID world," said Felix Sim, co-founder of Get Out!

Get Out! has launched three engaging, immersive, and experiential virtual event platforms for any group size and purpose. Each platform is designed to replicate a different kind of live event experience, from team lunches, to townhalls to trade shows, and can be fully customised to the client's needs. 

TRIVR is an interactive live virtual game show, which replaces intimate in-person activities such as movie nights, team lunches and cohesion gatherings. Hosted by one of Get Out!'s talented crew, TRIVR comes with a library of hundreds of interesting, thought-provoking, and hilarious questions -- ensuring there's never an awkward moment.

For a more immersive solution, Get Out! has also created Virtual Hunt: an engaging online scavenger hunt where participants get out (literally) through a series of interactive missions that will have them racing across the globe. Both TRIVR and Virtual Hunt are easy to run, plug-and-play platforms: Participants don't need to install any software, which eliminates the initial friction and security challenges that are part-and-parcel of existing platforms.

For those shooting for the virtual stars, Get Out! have teamed up with their friends at CG Labs UK, a 3D animation and visual effects studio, to launch 3D World in Asia: the ultimate real 3D virtual reality. A beautiful, immersive virtual environment. 3D World features hyper-realistic recreations of real-world venues, such as conference halls or meeting rooms, where participants join as virtual avatars and navigate the space around them.

With fully customisable elements and interactions that mimic real-life event-going experiences with up to 95% accuracy, the capabilities of the platform are only limited by the organiser's imagination. Beyond team building and corporate events, 3D Worlds holds massive potential to be leveraged across industries, from virtual museum tours to tradeshows. 

"We are extremely happy to be working with GetOut! in the Asian market with Virtubox. We were looking for a fast moving company with the right energy and understanding of the technology to provide a perfect partnership and in Felix Sim and Getout! We believe, we have found just that," said David Cummins, Executive Director CG Labs.

Founded by husband and wife duo Felix Sim and Stacy Wee, Get Out! has over a decade of experience building engaging events of all shapes and sizes in Singapore, from special team building activities to Family Days or large-scale corporate annual dinners and dances. The team has planned over 2,000 corporate events, including some for Singapore's biggest companies such as Accenture, Facebook, Amgen, Grab, Amazon and Microsoft. 

For more information, please visit https://getout.events/virtual-events/ 

About CG Labs

As a member of the CG Tech group, CG Labs focuses on helping traditional businesses unlock the many benefits associated with digitising their systems and services. Data captured for photogrammetry, or using laser scanners, thermal and hyper/multi-spectral sensors can be quickly transformed to provide the end customer with digital solutions that are easy to access and generate unique insights.

About Get Out!

Get Out! helps organisations build meaningful relationships through their event experiences. Since 2012, Get Out! has been changing the scene of mundane corporate events -- using the latest technology and programmes to deliver unforgettable team-bonding, family day or dinner and dance experiences. From a straightforward team building programme to a complex 3D virtual event, Get Out! has the expertise, creativity and proven experiences to realise the ultimate cohesion gathering for any group size or purpose.

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