With over 1 billion users worldwide, SHAREit becomes a model case of an internet company's rise in India

India accounts for over 30% of SHAREit's total users globally

NEW DELHI, Sept. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- With an abundant talent pool of programmers and a massive number of users, India has become one of most influential countries in the world's internet market. A number of international internet firms have targeted India as the new market with the most potential. Small and medium-sized internet businesses that deliver quality products to India's immense consumer base are increasingly building and consolidating a leading position in the global market. SHAREit, the creator of one of India's three most popular apps, is one such case.

With over one billion users worldwide, SHAREit's success is closely related to India's tremendous number of consumers. Since 2013, when it entered the Indian market, SHAREit has gained over 300 million loyal users across the country, equivalent in number to 70% of India's entire universe of internet users, as well as accounting for 30% of SHAREit's total users globally.

The growth path of all great enterprises is inextricably linked to the growth path of the markets in which they have chosen to do business. While India has provided SHAREit with a huge loyal user base, the firm has facilitated content sharing between individuals and made sharing a fundamental facet of how India's digitally connected interact with their friends and family. SHAREit did so by building a file sharing mechanism that transfers the files at lightning speed even without internet access, allowing users to share information all that more quickly. The rate at which content is being shared is unprecedented. 

SHAREit's success in India proves the popularity of fast content sharing among consumers. Following its foray into the Indian market, SHAREit has continued expansion into more countries and regions worldwide, including South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, and has already made considerable progress in breaking into the more mature North American and European markets.

SHAREit's strong growth has drawn wide attention from internet giants including Google. The fact that SHAREit has been recommended on Google Play's homepage over 700 times is a testament to Google's support and recognition of SHAREit.

Beginning as a near-field transmission service provider, SHAREit has evolved by taking advantage of new technologies as soon as they appeared, including group sharing and share zone via the constant iteration of products, which ultimately make content sharing possible regardless of device, time and distance.

Content sharing communities based on SHAREit can be easily found in India and SHAREit fans regardless of occupations come together to learn from and collaborate with each other thanks to SHAREit's content sharing. On campuses, SHAREit has become the most popular content sharing tool between college students and teachers. In workplaces, SHAREit's supportive features help employees communicate more efficiently. 

The one billion users milestone is a strong testament to SHAREit's success, which, in turn, proves that India is capable of creating an internet giant.