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Overcoming Challenges to Offline Education, Mysavvytutor Advances with New On-Demand App

Overcoming Challenges to Offline Education, Mysavvytutor Advances with New On-Demand App

SINGAPORE, May 29, 2020  /PRNewswire/ — According to a United Nations' report, the COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted education for over 290.5 million students globally. A Singapore based online learning platform, Mysavvytutor (MST) believes this is the beginning of a shift to virtual learning. In response, MST has launched a new on-demand web-based app to ensure students can receive high-quality levels of education regardless of location. 

"Due to a lack of flexible and transparent options, most people are sceptical about online education. They need an instant service that is flexible, transparent and personal. Therefore, to ensure peace of mind for learners and quality during these times and beyond, we have launched our new on-demand app," said Kelly Te, Founder of MST. 

In answer to the concerns of online learning, the new on-demand service, developed by MST, brings high-quality brick and mortar institutions, educators and courses online for all. Through the app, students can choose a format, for example, one-on-one or group classes, while screening educator's profiles (e.g. experience, ratings, reviews, and prices) across multiple topics to accurately meet learners needs. 

"We want to introduce a one-stop, collaborative, sustainable and vibrant learning experience to users of all ages, that combines e-learning and top-collaborations with leading educators in a flexible, transparent, and interactive way in real-time. With the on-demand virtual learning app, we provide educators with the opportunity to run classes online for their existing students independently and to grow internationally," added Kelly. 

Aside from bridging gaps in learning, Mysavvytutor provides numerous online learning models and a suite of self-developed interactive tools. For example, users can browse categories or educators online to find courses that meet their unique educational needs and schedule classes immediately ("Learn Now"), or at a time which suits them ("Learn Later") to progress at their own pace. Meanwhile, educators can make use of virtual classrooms and performance analytics tools, such as the online whiteboard, to complement and enhance their offline programs. 

From sign-in, students can enrol on private enterprise courses and participate in group webinars in a collaborative learning space. The service also comes with round-the-clock support and can provide reports and progress updates in real-time, allowing students to save time and focus their efforts. 

A new collaborative online model

To ensure everyone has access to personalised, high-quality education, Mysavvytutor continuously looks to bring more educational partners online and has collaborated with over 20 institutions and partners since its January launch. Most recently, MST partnered with iWave, Inc., a financial technology corporation, to extend educational opportunities to the Philippines. 

"In the second half of 2020, we look to welcome more partners, develop our suite of intuitive tools and games and expand our social, virtual learning and teaching environment to create a peer-shared co-learning space. Where learners and educators can connect with friends as they interact, play and celebrate achievements together," Kelly concluded. 

About MySavvyTutor (MST)

Mysavvytutor (MST), was founded by Kelly Te and two other co-founders with over 30 years of combined experience in various industries, including education. MST creates a sustainable learning ecosystem for knowledge sharing and transfer, sophisticatedly designed for both learners and educators. 

About iWave, Inc. (iWave)

iWave, Inc. (formerly known as Intelligent Wave Phils., Inc.) began as the Manila Representative Office of Intelligent Wave, Inc. of Tokyo, Japan in June 1990. iWave is engaged in software and technology development in addition to providing financial technology solutions and services to clients in the Philippines and other countries.

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