Overseas Influencers' Experience of Beijing TCM Tours Held Successfully

Tourism Products Enriched by Culture and Tourism Integration, Marketing Methods Innovated by Influencers Experience

BEIJING, Sept. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Hosted by Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development (BMCTD), a series of activities for overseas influencers to experience Chinese medicine tours in Beijing was launched in Beijing in September 2018.

The launching ceremony was held at Xinglin Teahouse of Guangyuyuan, a famous time-honored brand of Chinese medicine, on September 18th. Influencers from Beijing's major inbound travel markets including Russia, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia and other countries, representatives of Chinese medical practitioners and brands, domestic and overseas media representatives in Beijing participated in the press conference. Participants experienced Characteristic Chinese medicine health-care projects including acupuncture, herbal pills making, and shadowboxing during the conference.

The influencers experience activity held this year developed more projects than that in previous years. The music diagnosis bed, infrared medical examination, sachet production, moxibustion experience, ear acupuncture experience, health-care exercise, and characteristic medicated diet were further experienced on the basis of traditional massage and other regular experience.

According to officials from Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development (BMCTD), based on the Chinese medicine health culture, the activity deeply explores and integrates various contents of Beijing traditional Chinese medicine health tourism industry chain and improves the quality, connotation, and practicality of Chinese medicine health products. Through integrating the Chinese medicine health culture into all links of the travel products and adopting influencers and their social media promoting, the Chinese culture and Beijing culture could be publicized, the popularity and influence of Beijing traditional Chinese medicine cultural tourism products in the international market could be improved, Beijing inbound tourism products could be enriched and better marketing effect could be achieved by innovative cross-border integration of tourism with other cultural elements such as traditional Chinese medicine.