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OVO, Indonesia's Leading Payments Platform Partners with Award Winning Fraud Management Solution CashShield to Strengthen Security Measures Against Fraud Attacks

OVO, Indonesia's Leading Payments Platform Partners with Award Winning Fraud Management Solution CashShield to Strengthen Security Measures Against Fraud Attacks

Analyzing millions of data points in real time to detect fraud in fractions of a second

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today CashShield, the first and only fully-machine automated global online fraud management company, and OVO, Indonesia's leading payments platform, announced a partnership that will equip OVO with CashShield's industry-leading comprehensive fraud protection solution.

OVO's 60 million user base, in 500 cities and towns across Indonesia, will now have an extra layer of security and privacy protection with CashShield's unparalleled end-to-end consumer data protection technology. Mobile payments have grown in popularity in the past year, and have become a lucrative target to cybercriminals. A stolen account is worth six times more than a stolen credit card in the black market. CashShield analyzes behavioral data, including cursor movements, swiping patterns and pressure points, to determine the risk of fraud. Together, CashShield and OVO will prevent OVO user accounts from hostile takeovers by cybercriminals and OVO merchants from receiving unauthorized payments from fraudsters.

"We built CashShield to be a pioneer in the fraud detection and prevention space, that could serve the users of large, rapidly growing companies," said CashShield CEO Justin Lie. "We are excited to partner with OVO, a business that shares not only our drive for innovation but also our commitment to data security. We are confident that our technology, which provides the instant, scalable, automated solution that OVO needs to protect its customers, will help strengthen the formidable security measures OVO already has in place." 

CashShield was founded in 2008 by Lie, and over the past decade has reduced fraud rates to one tenth of the industry's average. Uniquely combining A.I. and Wall Street trading tools, CashShield eliminates the need for any human involvement to detect and prevent online fraud, effectively ousting the risk of human error. CashShield's dynamic technology ensures that stolen data from data breaches cannot be used by cybercriminals, protecting user accounts and identities. 

OVO has attained the position of Indonesia's leading payments platform by being ubiquitous across Indonesia's economy, whether in retail shops and warungs, or for on-demand and online services. The OVO app has a network of millions of top-up points through Mandiri ATMs, Alfamart convenience stores and Grab drivers across the country. Currently, OVO has the highest Total Payments Volume of all the e-wallets in Indonesia. CashShield's software seamlessly integrates and will provide no change in user experience for OVO's users.

"CashShield has been a great complement to our cybersecurity measures," said Harianto Gunawan, OVO Director of Enterprise Payment. "Protecting OVO's expansive network of users is a top priority so we take data security and user privacy very seriously. We are greatly excited to onboard CashShield as a fraud prevention partner that could keep pace with our rapid growth, while ensuring that the platform is safe and secure."

CashShield recently raised $25 million to help companies fight customer account and payment fraud. With this new partnership and recent funding, CashShield will continue to prevent account fraud and provide solutions for companies around the world.

About CashShield

CashShield is a global online fraud risk management company that helps enterprises detect and prevent online fraud. Uniquely powered by proprietary high-frequency trading algorithms, combined with real-time pattern recognition and passive biometric analytics, CashShield's award-winning application functions without the need for human interference such as data scientists or fraud analysts. To date, CashShield has secured billions in Gross Merchandise Value for companies in various verticals including e-commerce, digital goods, telecommunications and online travel, screening transactions across more than 190 countries. CashShield has global operations in the U.S., Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

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