Paloe partners with Asiawide Franchise Consultants to Create First-of-its-Kind All-In-One Digital Franchise Management Platform - Asiawide Digital Advantage

Paloe partners with Asiawide Franchise Consultants to Create First-of-its-Kind All-In-One Digital Franchise Management Platform - Asiawide Digital Advantage
  • Taking lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic, Paloe and Asiawide Franchise Consultants look to digitally transform businesses from all walks of life involved in franchising
  • Asiawide Digital Advantage provides a one-stop solution for seamless and streamlined management of franchisors and franchisees

SINGAPORE, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Paloe, one of Singapore's pioneer CFO and startup advisories, has partnered up with franchise management consulting firm Asiawide Franchise Consultants to launch Asiawide Digital Advantage (ADA), an all-in-one digital franchise management Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to digitise and streamline the management of franchisors with company-owned and franchisee-owned outlets.

Often underlooked, franchise management can become painfully complicated and cumbersome, especially when the franchise grows, and more features are added subsequently to the franchise concept; not to mention the amount of reporting and documentation required. The franchisor then has to juggle a good deal of issues with franchisees at varying levels, which includes franchisee onboarding, communications, site audits, royalty payment management, and performance management, and more.

"Even older, established companies today need to incorporate technology into their business model and processes, else they risk being overtaken by newer, more agile and innovative competitors. We believe ADA will keep Asiawide Franchise Consultants (AFC) both relevant and competitive as they continue to provide franchise-related services throughout the booming Asia region." Says Chin Han Sheng, CTO of Paloe Pte Ltd.

Franchise management has remained largely unchanged for decades; however, the global pandemic has made travel and physical meetings a thing of the past, and as such the entire franchise industry is in dire need of a more streamlined, cohesive, and virtual solution to strengthen their business processes, in order to survive and thrive in the digital age.

Asiawide Digital Advantage (ADA)

ADA centralises and consolidates relevant tools needed for franchise management, enabling unprecedented transparency of information between franchisors and franchisees via the following functions:

  • Onboarding Management – Allows franchisors to provide guided processes and structured training for franchisees, enabling visibility and transparency every step of the way. This helps franchisors to better ensure and facilitate franchisees' effectiveness in running the business.
  • Communications Hub - Maintains and facilitates engagements, collaborations, communication, and address frequently-asked-questions and requests in a single location. The communications hub also serves as a one-stop administrative tool, enabling consolidation and sorting of important documents, while ensuring security via curated access controlled by the franchisor.
  • Site Audit Management - Standardises, tracks, and manages site audits to ensure continuous franchise improvement, compliance, and to maintain brand quality and trust via structured processes and evaluations.
  • Royalty Management - Automatically tracks sales across all franchise outlets, allowing franchisors to accurately track royalty payments and reduce operational burden by ensuring consistent sales reporting and automatic processing of sales data.
  • Performance Management - Enables strategic planning via streamlined management and visibility of royalty payments, sales trends, franchisee performance, revenue & expense trends, and data analytics, all via a single customisable dashboard.

"The team at Paloe had to work closely with Asiawide Franchise Consultants to run through countless franchising scenarios and use real cases to truly understand the day-to-day operations and challenges typically faced by a franchisor." Adds Chin.

With these features, ADA is both simple yet revolutionary in how it aims to transform and distil current laborious franchise procedures to streamline business processes rendering it more effective and affordable. Compared to current market rates, ADA provides rock-solid features at just a fraction of the price every month.

"With ADA, the process of onboarding and managing franchisees has become more streamlined and systematic (and eco-friendly too). This enables the franchisor (and their team members) to be more productive, effectively managing their own outlets and their franchise operations more efficiently." Says Albert Kong, CEO of Asiawide Franchise Consultants.

Looking ahead, Paloe and Asiawide Franchise Consultants are working with franchise operators to ensure constant updates and improvements for the platform, with new features such as leads management being developed to enhance ADA's capabilities. With ADA, both Paloe and Asiawide Franchise Consultants aspire to keep their digital services ahead of the game in an ever-evolving digital age.

About Paloe

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Asiawide Franchise Consultants

Asiawide Franchise Consultants is a Singapore-based franchise management consulting firm founded in August 1983 (under a different name). The firm is one of Asia's most established and experienced franchise consulting firms by track record, diversity of industries served, and revenue. Asiawide Franchise Consultants provides a one-stop service for all things related to franchising, namely, franchise package development, audit of existing franchises, matchmaking of franchise companies with prospective franchisees, marketing of franchise opportunities via its various platforms including the world's only English-Chinese Asia Franchise & Business Opportunities magazine, acting on behalf of franchisors in contract enforcement, training, franchise study missions to various nations, and more.

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