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Parpera & Railspay launch Australia's first embedded finance business debit card

Parpera & Railspay launch Australia's first embedded finance business debit card

SYDNEY, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Parpera, a money management platform for sole traders, freelancers, and startup founders, has launched Australia's first embedded finance business experience using a debit card linked directly to deposit accounts, in partnership with Railspay (the Australian arm of Railsbank) and Volt.

(L-R): Ben Smith, Railsbank APAC COO, and Daniel Cannizzaro, Parpera Founder & CEO
(L-R): Ben Smith, Railsbank APAC COO, and Daniel Cannizzaro, Parpera Founder & CEO

The Parpera Business Debit Mastercard® card is now available to Australian sole traders, who will be able to use the Parpera App and debit card experience to better manage their business payments, make fee-free international transactions, and control their spend.

The card can now be added to Google Pay, and in Q2 it will also be available to Australian companies and on ApplePay.

Daniel Cannizzaro, Parpera Founder & CEO, said: "The launch of our business debit card marks a significant milestone for Parpera and Australian business owners, who have been under-served and unfairly treated when it comes to their finances for far too long.

"Having to pay on average 3 to 4 percent fees on top of international card payments, waiting weeks for a business debit card, and being forced to use their personal card to cover business expenses are all examples of how business owners needlessly suffer.

"Parpera offers business owners access to a much fairer and more transparent fully-digital offering with banking, cards, invoicing, money, and tax insights, all in the one app. This will make business easier for everyone."

Parpera's debit card launch follows a recent capital raise and launch of Australia's first BaaS-enabled offering via a partnership with Railspay, which is the Australian arm of global embedded experience platform Railsbank, and Australia's first neobank Volt.

The partnership will transform the banking and invoicing experience for thousands of Australian businesses by saving them time and money, and improving the way they manage their finances, according to Railspay.

Ben Smith, Railsbank APAC COO, said: "Railspay is enabling Parpera customers to transform the way that they can manage their businesses by providing a seamless and integrated customer experience, which is a great example of the power of embedded finance experiences to positively impact lives."

"The launch of yet another Australian-first finance experience product also demonstrates that we are on the forefront of the next generation of financial services across the globe. The speed at which we are launching new products and solutions is indicative of the growing momentum we are building, and the market appetite for embedded finance experiences that meet customer expectations that brands and customers now expect." 

Railsbank ( believes that the embedded finance economy is a fundamentally different way of creating relationships between companies and consumers. It is passionate about enabling brands to build relevant finance experiences to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Railsbank recognises that consumers want fully immersive and frictionless brand experiences, and expect retailers to deliver the best, most personalised and distinctive experiences.

Railsbank was founded in London (HQ) in 2016 and operates throughout the UK and Europe, APAC and the US.

Parpera ( is a money management platform that helps people to better manage their business finances. Parpera aspires to improve the prosperity of people, communities, and societies, globally. It's building an ecosystem of fair and transparent products and services to help people set up, manage, and grow their business in the new economy.

Parpera provides people with digital bank account, card, invoicing, payments, money and tax management capabilities to make it easier to do business.

You can sign up to Parpera at

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