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Peplink Deploys a Great Start In Mexico with Qualitas Seguros

Peplink Deploys a Great Start In Mexico with Qualitas Seguros GlobeNewswire January 27, 2022

VILNIUS, Lithuania, Jan. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Peplink, a company that makes connectivity reliable, Connectivity Solutions (solution provider), and CTO Networks (Peplink Distributor in Mexico), have recently completed a deployment for Qualitas Seguros, a leading Insurance company in Mexico, marking the beginning of many opportunities in the country.

Qualitas is one of the top 5 insurance firms in Mexico with over 4 million customers with over 500 locations distributed across Mexico. In recent years, keeping up its existing network with new technologies while ensuring its network stays highly available has become increasingly difficult. Moreover, mixing different protocols from multiple telecom operators makes network management even harder. As a result, many of its branch networks experience slow and unstable connections.

First and foremost, Qualitas needs its branches to be reliable at all times. Working with domestic telecom operators in Mexico, CTO Networks and its reseller Connectivity Solutions deployed Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology into 140 of Qualitas’ largest branches. SpeedFusion greatly enhanced network reliability and available bandwidth by bonding a combination of fixed WAN links in each branch.

The project was a success - Peplink devices worked flawlessly without any changes to Qualitas’ existing network infrastructure while Peplink’s extensive API support was used to create a customized dashboard showing crucial network performance data to help Qualitas automate its network management. As a result, “We had excellent feedback as our failures have greatly diminished, which translates directly into a successful user experience,” said Juan Ramón Zepeda, Network Manager of Qualitas.

Reynaldo Lucio, CEO of Connectivity Solutions said, “Peplink offers a very robust solution with reliable hardware, unique SpeedFusion technology and great API support with InControl2. This allows us to develop customized reporting dashboard per customer needs, and makes it easy to deploy and manage regardless which carrier the customer is using.”

Samuel Lee Belmonte, CEO of CTO Networks added, “The Qualitas deployment illustrates the advantages of using Peplink for enterprise customers. Thanks to the support of Peplink and our telecom carrier partners, the whole channel in Mexico is expected to grow very quickly.”

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink said, “Besides having the technology to keep customer’s network online, Peplink can also be deployed without touching the customer’s existing network infrastructure. We look forward to working with partners like CTO Networks to unlock many more opportunities in Mexico and the Latin America region.”



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